Personal relationaships are very important. They
are the key of doing business in Arab countries. Try 1.__________
to identify the decision-maker regarding as your 2.__________
product or service immediatelyand get to know him
on a friendly basis. Do your homework. Be prepared to
discuss detial of your product or proposal. Be ready 3.__________
to answer technical questions.

Familiarize yourself to the Moslem and national 4.__________
holidays. Avoid a visit during Ramadan, the Moslem
month of fasting. Most Arab countries have a six-day
workweek from Saturday through Thursday. When matching 5.__________
with the Monday to Friday practice in most Western
countries, it leaves only three and a half workdays
shared.Remember this in planning your appointments.
Moslems do not eat pork. Some are strict about the
religion's prohibition for alcoholic beverages. If you 6.__________
are not sure, wait your host to suggest the proper 7.__________
thing to drink.