Many students find the experience of attending university lectures to be a confusing and frustrating experience.The lecturer speaks for one or two hours, perhaps 1 the talk with slides, writing up important information on the blackboard, 2 reading material and giving out 3 .The new student sees the other students continuously writing on notebooks and 4 what to write.Very often the student leaves the lecture 5 notes which do not catch the main points and 6 become hard even for the 7 to understand.

Most institutions provide courses which 8 new students to develop the skills they need to be 9 listeners and note-takers. 10 these are unavailable, there are many useful study-skills guides which 11 learners to practice these skills 12 .In all cases it is important to 13 the problem 14 actually starting your studies.

It is important to 15 that most students have difficulty in acquiring the language skills 16 in college study.One way of 17 these difficulties is to attend the language and study-?skills classes which most institutions provide throughout the 18 year.Another basic 19 is to find a study partner 20 it is possible to identify difficulties, exchange ideas and provide support.

1.A.extending B.illustrating C.performing D.conducting

2.A.attributing B.contributing C.distributing


3.A.assignments B.information C.content D.definition

4.A.suspects B.understands C.wonders D.convinces

5.A.without B.with C.on D.except

6.A.what B.those D.which

7.A.teachers B.classmates D.students

8.A.prevent B.require C.assist D.forbid

9.A.effective B.passive C.relative D.expressive

10.A.Because B.Though C.Whether D.If

11.A.enable B.stimulate C.advocate D.prevent

12.A.independently B.repeatedly

C.logically D.generally

13.A.evaluate B.acquaint C.tackle D.formulate

14.A.before B.after C.while D.for

15.A.predict B.acknowledge

C.argue D.ignore require B.required C.requiring D.are required

17.A.preventing B.withstanding

C.sustaining D.overcoming

18.A.average B.ordinary C.normal D.academic

19.A.statement B.strategy C.situation D.suggestion that B.for which C.with whom D.such as