Exercise is good for you, but most people really know very little about how to exercise properly. 1 when you try, you can runsintostrouble.
  Many people 2 that when specific muscles are exercised, the fat in the neighbouring area is“3 up”.Yet the 4 is that exercise burns fat from all over 5 .
  Studies show muscles which are not 6 lose their strength very quickly.To regain it needs 48 to 72 hours and exercise every other day will 7 a normal level of physical strength.
  To 8 weight you should always“work up a good sweat”when exercising. 9 sweating only 10 body temperature to prevent over heating.This is 11 water loss. 12 You replace the liquid, you replace the 13 .
  Walking is the best and easy-to-do exercise.It helps the circulation of blood 14 the body, and has a direct 15 on your overall feeling of health.Experience says that 20 minutes'?16 17 is minimun amount.
  18 your breathing doesn't return to normal state within minutes after you finish 19 , you've done 20 .
  1.A.While B.When C.As D.So
  2.A.understand B.believe C.hope D.know
  3.A.built B.burned C.piled D.grown
  4.A.reply B.possiblility C.truth D.reason
  5.A.arm B.leg C.stomach D.body
  6.A.exercised B.examined C.protected D.cured
  7.A.lose B.raise C.burn D.keep
  8.A.lose B.gain C.keep D.burn
  9.A.Certainly B.No C.Fortunately D.Probably
  10.A.raises B.reduces C.destroys D.keeps up
  11.A.how B.why C.nothing but D.more than
  12.A.While B.Once C.As D.Whenever
  13.A.weight B.muscle C.sweat D.strength
  14.A.over B.around C.throughout D.with
  15.A.effect B.use C.usage D.affect
  16.A.education B.sleep C.exercise D.rest
  17.A.one day B.a day C.everyday D.someday
  18.A.But if B.But C.If D.And if
  19.A.working B.walking C.exercising D.breathing
  20.A.enough B.much C.too much D.much too