People of Burlington are being disturbed by the sound of bells.Four students from Burlington College of Higher Education are in the bell tower of the 1 and have made up their minds to 2 the bells nonstop for two weeks as a protest against heavy trucks which run 3 through the narrow High Street.“They not only make it 4 to sleep at night, but they are 5 damage to our houses and shops of historical 6 ,”said John Norris, one of the protesters.

  “7 we must have these noisy trucks on the roads,”said Jean Lacey, a biology student, why don't they build a new road that goes round the town? Burlington isn't much more than a 8 village.Its streets were never 9 for heavy traffic.
  Harry Fields also studying 10 said they wanted to make as much 11 possible to force the government officials to realize what everybody wasshavingsto 12 .“Most of them don't 13 here anyway,”he said,“they come in for meetings and that, and the Town Hall is soundproof, so they probably don't 14 .It's high time they realized the problem.”The fourth student, Liza Vernum, said she thought the public were 15 on their side, and even if they weren't they soon would be.
  I asked if they were 16 that the police might come to 17 them.
  “Not really,”she said,“actually we are 18 bellringers.I mean we are assistant bellringers for the church.There is no 19 against practising.”
  I 20 the church with the sound of the bells ringing in my ears. B.village
  2.A.change C.ring D.shake and then and night
  C.up and down D.over and over
  4.A.terrible B.difficult
  C.uncomfortable D.unpleasant
  5.A.doing B.raising C.putting D.producing
  6.A.scene B.period C.interest D.sense
  7.A.If B.Although C.When D.Unless
  8.A.pretty B.quite C.large D.modern
  9.A.tested B.meant C.kept D.used
  10.A.well B.hard C.biology
  11.A.effort B.time C.trouble D.noise
  12.A.stand B.accept C.know D.share C.come
  14.A.notice B.mention C.fear D.control
  15.A.hardly B.unwillingly C.mostly D.usually
  16.A.surprised B.afraid C.pleased D.determined
  17.A.seize B.fight D.stop
  18.A.proper B.experienced C.hopeful D.serious
  19.A.point B.cause C.need
  2o.A.left B.found C.reached D.pass