Part IV Cloze (15 minutes)
Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A),B),C)and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

The part of the environmental movement that draws my firm's attention is the design of cities, buildings and products. When we designed Ameica's first so-called “green” office bulding in New York two decades --71--, we felt very alone. But today, thousands of peoplel come to green building conferences, and the --72-- that building s can be good for people and the environment will be increasingly influential in years to --73--.

Back in 1984 we discovered that most manufactured products for decoration weren't designed for --74-- use. The “energy-efficient” sealed commercial buildings constructed after the 1970s energy crisis --75-- indoor air quality problems caused by meaterials such as paint, wall covering and carpet. So for 20 years. we've been focusing on thses materials --76-- to the molecules, looking for ways to make them --77-- for people and the planet.

Home builders can now use materials - such as paints that release significantly --78-- amounts of organic compounds - than don't --79-- the quality of the air, water, or soil. Ultimately, --80--, our basic design strategy is focused not simply on being “less bad” but on creating --81-- healthful materials that can be either safely returned to the soil --82-- reused by industry again and again. As a matter of --83--, the world's largest carpet manufacturer has already --84-- a carpet that is fully and safely recyclable(可循环利用的).

It's not just the building industry, either. --90-- cities are taking these environmentally positive approaches to design, planning and building, Portland, Seattle and Boston have said they want to be green cities. Chicago wants to be the greenest city in the world.

71. A) of B) aways C) before D) ago
72. A)practice B)idea C) outlook D) scheme
73. A) go B)continue C)come D) arrive
74. A) relevant B)indoor C) flexible D) inward
75. A) revealed B) displayed C) exhibited D) discovered
76. A)back B) near C)down D) next
77. A)cautious B) comfortiable C) stable D) safe
78. A)reduced B) revised C) dealayed D) descended
79. A) destroy B) deny C) dissolve D) depress
80. A) anyway B) besides C) anyhow D) however
81. A) exactly B) completely C)partially D) superficially
82. A)and B)nor C) or D) but
83. A) principle B) course C) interest D) fact
84. A) developed B) sketched C)researched D) constructed
85. A) looks B) pulls C) starts D) makes
86. A) originally B)traditionally C)basically D) inevitably
87. A) instead B) because C) out D) regardless
88. A) adjusting B) adopting C) adapting D) admitting
89. A)functional B)sensible C) beneficial D) precious
90. A) Full B) Total C) Entire D)Complete