Part Ⅳ
Short Answer Questions(15 minutes)
Directions: In this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully.
Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words.
It isn’t strictly true that one half of the world is rich and the other half is poor. It’s one-third that is very rich and two-thirds that are very poor.?
People in the rich one-third don’t realize the enormous difference between them and the other two-thirds. A very simple example is that a fisherman in South America may be catching fish which is processed into pet food and yet his own children are not getting enough protein for their bodies to develop properly.?
Although a lot of the world’s natural resources like oil come from these poorer countries, we in the richer countries are probably using sixty times as much of these resources as a person in Asia or Africa. The richer countries are in a position to dictate the supplies what kind of prices they are prepared to pay for these natural resources. In some cases, the prices have gone down. In others, they have remained steady. But the prices the richer countries get for their own exports have continued to rise. So they are getting richer and richer and the poorer countries are getting poorer.?
S1. What is the actual condition of rich countries and poor countries? ?
S2. Is there great difference between the rich countries and the poor countries?
S3. Who are using the greater part of the natural resources??
S4. How are the richer countries getting richer and richer??
S5. What is the best title for the passage??
S1. The fact is one-third is rich and two-thirds are poor.??
S2. Yes, there is tremendous difference between them.?
S3. The richer countries.?
S4. The prices of natural resources, keep raising of their exports.?
S5. Rich countries and poor countries.?