Part ⅣShort Answer Questions (15 minutes)
Directions:There is 1 passage in this part with five questions or unfinished statements.Read the passage carefully.Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words(not exceeding 10 words).?
Loneliness is a curious thing. Most of us can remember feeling most lonely when we were not in fact alone at all, but when we were surrounded by people.Everyone has experienced,at some time,that utter sense of isolation that comes over you when you’re at a party or in an audience at a lecture.It suddenly seems to you as if everybody knows everybody else;everybody is sure of himself;everybody,that is, except you.?
This feeling of loneliness which can overcome you when you are in a crowd is very difficult to get rid of.People living alone are advised to tackle their loneliness by joining a club or a society,by going out and meeting people.Does this really help?
There are no easy solutions.Your first day at work,or at a new school or university,is a typical situation in which you are likely to feel lonely.You feel that everybody else is full of confidence and knows what to do ,but you are adrift and helpless.The fact of the matter is that,in order to survive,we all put on a show of self-confidence to hide our uncertainties and doubts.
In a big city it is particularly easy to get the feeling that everybody except you is leading a full,rich,busy life.
Everybody is going somewhere,and you tend to assume that they are going somewhere nice and interesting,whereas your destination is less exciting and fulfilling.?
71.What is the passage mainly about??
72.We feel mostly lonely when we____.?
73.What do people usually do to tackle their loneliness??

74.Why do we try to hide our sense of loneliness when we start a new job??

75.What do you tend to assume other’s life to be when you are in a big city???

71. loneliness?

72. stay with people/are surrounded by people ?

73. Joining a club or a society,going out and meeting people

74. In order to survive

75. Full,rich and busy