Part ⅣShort Answer Questions (15 minutes)

Directions:In this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements.Read the passage carefully.Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words.?
Many parents who welcome the idea of turning off the TV and spending more time with the family are still worried that without TV they would constantly be on call as entertainers for their children. They remember thinking up all sorts of things to do when they were kids. But their own kids seem different, less resourceful, somehow. When there’s nothing to do, these parents observe regret fully, their kids seem unable to come up with anything to do beside turning on the TV.?
One father, for example, says,“When I was a kid, we were always thinking up things to do, projects and games. We certainly never complained in an annoying way to our parents. ‘I have nothing to do!’”He compares this with his own children today:“They’re simply lazy. If someone doen’t entertain them, they’ll happily sit there watching TV all day.”?
There is one word for this father’s disappointment: unfair. It is as if he were disappointed in them for not reading Greek though they have never studied the language. He ?deplores?(哀叹) his children’s lack of inventiveness, as if the ability to play were something ?innate?(天生的) that his children are missing. In fact, while the tendency to play is built into the human species, the actual ability to play—to imagine, to invent, to elaborate on reality in a playful way—and the ability to gain fulfillment from it, these are skills that have to be learned and developed.?
Such disappointment, however, is not only unjust, it is also destructive. Sensing their parents’ disappointment, children come to believe that they are, indeed, lacking something, and that this makes them less worthy of admiration and respect. Giving children the opportunity to develop new resources, to enlarge their horizons and discover the pleasures of doing things on their own is, on the other hand, a way to help children develop a confident feeling about themselves as capable and interesting people.?
1.According to many parents, without TV, their children would like them to ____.
2.Many parents think that, instead of watching a lot of TV, their children should ____.
3.The father often blames his children for not being able to entertain themselves. This is unfair because they____.?
4.When parents show constant disappointment in their children, the destructive effect if that the children will ____.
5.Developing children’s self?confidence helps bring them up to be ____.?

Part Ⅳ Short?answer Questions
1.Girls’ conversation is less definite and express more doubts
2.they speak in equal amounts but in different styles
3.wants to show his female students his knowledge
4.Because they are encouraged by women.
5.they believe that will lead to close relationship.?