47. Her fluency in English gives her an advantage _____ other girls for the job.
(A) above (B) over (C) than (D) with

48. It is _____ impossible to find a good educational computer program in this part of the country.
(A) barely (B) hardly (C) merely (D) nearly

49. What he told us about the affair simply doesn’t make any _____.
(A) sense (B) idea (C) meaning (D) significance

50. As a mother, she is too _____ towards her daughter, she should let her see more of the world.
(A) hopeful (B) protective (C) modest (D) confident

51. "Doesn’t he know that it is not _____?" "Yes, he does."
(A) truth (B) some truth (C) the truth (D) any truth

52. That tree looked as if it _____ for a long time.
(A) hasn’t watered (B) didn’t water (C) hadn’t been watered (D) wasn’t watered

53. Hitler set out to conquer all of Europe in the belief that the Germans were the master _____.
(A) race (B) human (C) blood (D) brains

54. Ever since Picasso’s painting went on exhibit, there _____ large crowds at the museum every day.
(A) is (B) has been (C) have been (D) are being

55. Don’t forget to walk the dog while I am away, _____.
(A) can you (B) shall you (C) do you (D) will you

56. It is a pity that we should stay at home when we have ______ weather.
(A) so fine (B) such a fine (C) such fine (D) so fine a

57. There were beautiful clothes _____ in the shop windows.
(A) spread (B) displayed (C) exposed (D) located

58. Mr. Smith advised us to withdraw ______.
(A) so that to get not involved (C) so as not to get involved
(B) so as to get not involved (D) so that not to get involved

59. _____ in a seemingly endless war, the general was forced to evaluate the situation again.
(A) Since the loss of 50,000 soldiers (C) Having lost over 50,000 soldiers
(B) Because of 50,000 soldiers having lost (D) 50,000 soldiers were lost

60. Knowing something as a whole is far from knowing all its _____.
(A) instance (B) character (C) items (D) details

61. ____ for your laziness, you could have finished the assignment by now.
(A) Had it not been (B) It were not (C) Weren’t it (D) Had not it been

62. The minister had his secretaries ____ a press conference.
(A) arrange (B) to arrange (C) arranging (D) arranged

63. She left the reception early because she ____ get up early the next morning.
(A) needed (B) might (C) used to (D) had to

64. Let’s not wait any longer, he might not ____ at all.
(A) turn over (B) turn up (C) used to (D) turn down

65. Anne couldn’t concentrate ____ what she was doing while her family were watching TV.
(A) to (B) on (C) for (D) in

66. My wife said in her letter that she would appreciate ____ from you sometime.
(A) to have heard (B) to hear (C) having heard (D) hearing

67.____ men have learned much from the behavior of animals in badly new.
(A) That (B) Those (C) What (D) Whether

68. It’s necessary ____ the dictionary immediately.
(A) that he will return (C) that he return
(B) that he returned (D) that he has to return

69. Franklin’s ability to learn from observations and experience ____ greatly to his success in
public life.
(A) contributed (B) owed (C) attached (D) related

70. The manager assured the customer that his complaint would be seen ____ immediately.
(A) to (B) at (C) on (D) with