Part III vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
41. Jean did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was busy ____ for her examination.
(A) to prepare (C) preparing
(B) to be prepared (D) being prepared

42. Five minutes earlier, ____ we could have caught the last train.
(A) and (B) but (C) or (D) an order

43. I cannot give you ____ for the type of car you sell because there is no demand for it in the market.
(A) an expense (B) a charge (C) a purchase (D) an order

44. After ____ for the job, you will be required to take a language test.
(A) being interviewed (C) interviewing
(B) interviewed (D) having interviewed

45. By the end of this month, we surely ____ a satisfactory solution to the problem.
(A) have found (B) will be finding (C) will have found (D) are finding

46. Mr. Wilsonn said that he did not want to ____ any further responsibilities.
(A) take on (B)get on (C) put up (D) look up

47. Having no money but ____ to know, he simply said he would go without dinner.
(A) not to want anyone (C) wanted no one
(B) not wanting anyone (D) to want no one

48. We desire that the tour leader ____ us immediately of any change in plans.
(A) inform (B) informs (C) informed (D) has informed

49. Not ____, the process of choosing names varies widely from culture to culture.
(A) obviously (B) surprisingly (C) particularly (D) normally

50. A man escaped from the prison last night. It was a long time ____ the guards discovered what had happened.
(A) before (B) until (C) since (D) when

51. In the experiment we kept a watchful eye ____ the developments and recorded every detail.
(A) in (B) at (C) for (D) on

52. There’s little chance that mankind would ____ a nuclear war.
(A) retain (B) endure (C) maintain (D) survive

53. Nuclear science be developed to benefit the people ____ harm them.
(A) more than (B) other than (C) rather than (D) better than

54. They usually have less money at the end of the month than ____ at the beginning.
(A) which is (B) which was (C) they have (D) it is

55. In the course of a day students do far more than just ____ classes.
(A) attend (B) attended (C) to attend (D) attending

56. The French pianist who had been praised very highly ____ to be a great disappointment.
(A) turned up (B)turned in (C) turned out (D) turned down

57. Many difficulties have ____ as a result of the change over to a new type of fuel.
(A) risen (B) arisen (C) raised (D) arrived

58. He made such a ____ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new

buildings after him.
(A) genuine (B) minimum (C) modest (D) generous

59. Helen was much kinder to her youngest child than she was to the others, of course, made the others jealous.
(A) who (B) that (C) what (D) which

60. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly ____.
(A) gaps (B) intervals (C) length (D) distance

61. Mr. Johnson preferred ____ heavier work to do.
(A) to be given (B) to be giving
(C) to have given (D) having given

62. I remember ____ to help us if we ever got into trouble.
(A) once offering (B) him once offering
(C) him to offer (D) to offer him

63. We regret to inform you that the materials you ordered are ____.
(A) out of work (B) out of stock
(C) out of reach (D) out of practice

64. Our company decided to ____ the contract because a number of the conditions in it had not been met.
(A) destroy (B) resist (C) assume (D) cancel