Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
41. Before he left for his vacation he went to the bank to _____ some money.
(A) pull (B) pick (C) gain (D) draw

42. By the end of the year all but two people ______.
(A) have left (B) will leave (C) will be leaving (D) will have left

43. Frankfurt, Germany, is in one of the most _____ populated regions of Western Europe.
(A) densely (B) vastly (C) enormously (D) largely

44. Everyone had an application from in his hand, but no one knew which office room _____. (A) to send it to (B) to send it

(C) to be sent to (D) to have it sent

45. The police set a _____ to catch the thieves.
(A) plan (B) device (C) trap (D) trick

46. We _____ to start our own business, but we never had enough money.
(A) have hoped (B) hope (C) had hoped (D) should hope

47. We have to try every means to _____ the costs of the construction project.
(A) bring off (B) bring forth (C) bring down (D) bring back

48. The students were participating _____ an international energy-saving competition between towns in New England and Canada.

(A) for (B) in (C) to (D) at

49. When she was criticized, she claimed that it wa
s outside her _____ of responsibility.
(A) field (B) limit (C) extent (D) range

50. While _____ the sun, the satellite has sent more than four billion bits of information back to earth.
(A) having orbited (B) being orbited (C) having been orbited (D) orbiting

51. Language is a city, to the building of _____ every human being brought a stone.
(A) which (B) that (C) it (D) this

52. _____ of the two books holds the opinion that the danger of nuclear war is increasing.
(A) None (B) Either (C) Both (D) Neither

53. Government cannot operate effectively _____ it is free from such interference.
(A) so long as (B) so that (C) unless (D) because

54. We welcome rain, but a (an) _____ large amount of rainfall will cause floods.
(A) extensively (B) extremely (C) specially (D) constantly

55. Beethoven is my favorite musician. I regard him as _____ other musicians.
(A) superior to (B) more superior than (C) more superior to (D) superior than

56. I hope that you’ll be more careful in typing the letter. Don’t _____ anything.
(A) withdraw (B) omit (C) reduce (D) lead

57. We don’t need air conditioning, _____.
(A) nor can we afford it (C) neither can afford it
(B) and nor we can afford it (D) and we can neither afford it

58. She is a very _____ secretary: she never forgets anything or makes a mistake.
(A) anxious (B) effective (C) adequate (D) efficient

59. The Browns ______ here, but not any more.
(A) were used to living (B) had lived (C) used to live (D) had been living

60. I’ll accept any job _____ I don’t have to get up early.
(A) lest (B) as long as (C) in case (D) though

61. Once out of the earth’s gravity, the astronauts is _____ by the problem of weightlessness.
(A) affected (B) effected (C) inclined (D) related

62. Medical research has shown that the widespread of use of cigarettes contributes _____ the increase of cancers.
(A) towards (B) for (C) with (D) to

63. Could you find someone _____.
(A) for me to play tennis with (C) play tennis with
(B) for me to play tennis (D) playing tennis with