Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
41. The grey building is where the workers live, and the white one is where the spare parts _____.
(A) are producing (B) are produced (C) produced (D) being produced

42. I could not persuade him to accept it, _____ make him see the important of it.
(A) if only I could not (B) no more than I could (C) or I could not (D) nor could I

43. Because of the _____ emphasis placed on classroom work, the instructor will report your absences to the adviser.
(A) large (B) strong (C) hard (D) high

44. Homework _____ on time will lead to better grades.
(A) done (B) be done (C) having done (D) to have been done

45. The speech _____ a lively discussion started.
(A) being delivered (B) was delivered (C) be delivered (D) having been delivered

46. I have had great deal of trouble _____ the rest of the class.
(A) coming up against (B) making up for (C) keeping up with (D) living up to

47. _____ for my illness I would have lent him a helping hand.
(A) Not being (B) Had it not been (C) Without being (D) Not having been

48. _____ a teacher in a university, it is necessary to have at least a master’s degree.
(A) To become (B) Become (C) One become (D) On becoming

49. The little man was _____ more than one metre fifty tall.
(A) nearly (B) quite (C) hardly (D) almost

50. Certain programs work better for some _____ for others.
(A) and (B) than (C) as (D) but

51. Some plants are so sensitive _____ pollution that they can only survive in a perfectly clean environment.
(A) from (B) against (C) to (D) with

52. It does not alter the fact that he was the man _____ for the death of the little girl.
(A) accounting (B) guilty (C) responsible (D) obliged

53. Medical care reform has become this country’s most important public health _____.
(A) question (B) stuff (C) matter (D) issue

54. Not that John doesn’t want to help you, _____ it’s beyond his power.
(A) but that (B) for that (C) and that (D) in that

55. It is not unusual for workers in that region _____.
(A) to be paid more than a month late (C) to pay later than a month more
(B) to be paid later than more a month (D) to pay late more than a month

56. I used to smoke ____ but I gave it up three years ago.
(A) seriously (B) heavily (C) badly (D) severely

57. The doctor told Penny that too much _____ to the sun is bad for the skin.
(A) exposure (B) extension (C) exhibition (D) expansion

58. Michael used to look hurt and surprised when _____.
(A) scolding (B) to scold (C) having scolded (D) scolded

59. He decided to make further improvements on the computer’s design _____ the light of the requirements of customers.
(A) on (B) for (C) in (D) with

60. If you don’t like to swim, you _____ stay at home.
(A) should as well (B) may as well (C) can as well (D) would as well

61. To be frank, I’d rather you _____ in the case.
(A) will not be involved (B) not involved (C) not to be involved (D) were not involved

62. If you suspect that the illness might be serious you should not _____ going to the doctor.
(A) put off (B) hold back (C) put aside (D) hold up

63. If you want to know the train schedule, please _____ at the booking office.
(A) acquire (B) inquire (C) request (D) require

64. He thought that _____.
(A) the effort doing the job was not worth (C) it was not worth the effort doing the job
(B) the effort was not worth in doing the job (D) it was not worth the effort by doing the job