Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

31 The medicine is on sale everywhere. You can get it at ____________ chemist’s.
A) each B) some
C) certain D) any

32 You cannot be __________ careful when you drive a car.
A) very B) so
C) too D) enough

33 In general, the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth the total _________ for living expenses.
A) acceptable B) available
C) advisable D) applicable

34 Every man in this country has the right to live where he wants to _____ the color of his skin.
A) with the exception of B) in the light of
C) by virtue of D) regardless of

35 Housewives who do not go out to work feel they are not working to their full _______.
A) capacity B) strength
C) length D) possibility

36 I hate people who __________ the end of a film that you haven’t seen before.
A) reveal B) rewrite
C) revise D) reverse

37 He’s watching TV? He’s ________ to be cleaning his room.
A) known B) supposed
C) regarded D) considered

38 The old couple decided to _________ a boy and a girl though they had three of their own.
A) adapt B) bring
C) receive D) adopt

39 The government is trying to do something to ________ better understanding between the two countries.
A) raise B) promote
C) heighten D) increase

40 The newspaper did not mention the ________ of the damage caused by the fire.
A) range B) level
C) extent D) quantity

41 The soldier was ___________ of running away when the enemy attacked.
A) scolded B) charged
C) accused D) punished

42 Had he worked harder, he __________ the exams.
A) must have got through
B) would have got through
C) permitted are freshmen
D) are permitted freshmen

43 Only under special circumstances ________ to take make-up tests.
A) are freshmen permitted
B) freshmen are permitted
C) permitted are freshmen
D) are permitted freshmen

44 I had just started back for the house to change my clothes ___________ I heard voices.
A) as B) when
C) after D) while

45 It seems oil ________ from this pipe for some time. We’ll have to take the machine apart to put it right.
A) had leaked B) is leaking
C) leaked D) has been leaking

46 When he arrived, he found _________ the aged and the sick at home.
A) none but B) none other than
C) nothing but D) no other than

47 The pressure ________ causes Americans to be energetic, but it also puts them under a constant emotional strain.
A) to compete B) competing
C) to be competed D) having competed

48 Your hair wants _________. You’d better have it done tomorrow.
A) cut B) to cut
C) cutting D) being cut

49 As teachers we should concern ourselves with what is said, not what we think ________.
A) ought to be said B) must say
C) have to be said D) need to say

50 Once environmental damage __________, it takes many years for the system to recover.
A) has done B) is to do
C) does D) is done

51 Studies show that the things that contribute most to a sense of happiness cannot be bought, __________ a good family life, friendship and work satisfaction.
A) as for B) in view of
C) in case of D) such as

52 He will agree to do what you require __________ him.
A) of B) from
C) to D) for

53 The mere fact _________ most people believe nuclear war would be madness does not mean that it will not occur.
A) what B) which
C) that D) why

54 John seems nice person. ____________, I don’t trust him.
A) Even though B) Even so
C) Therefore D) Though

55 I don’t think it advisable that Tom ________ to the job since he has no experience.
A) is assigned B) will be assigned
C) be assigned D) has been assigned