Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
41 The last half of the nineteenth century _________ the steady improvement in the means of travel.
A) has witnessed B) was witnessed
C) witnessed D) is witnessed

42 The shy girl felt _________ and uncomfortable when she could not answer her teacher’s questions.
A) amazed B) awkward
C) curious D) amused

43 Ann never dreams of ________ for her to be sent abroad very soon.
A) there being a chance B) there to be a chance
C) there be a chance D) being a chance

44 It was very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you __________ it.
A) mustn’t have done B) wouldn’t have done
C) mightn’t have done D) didn’t have to do

45 Frequently single-parent children ____________ some of the functions that the absent adult in the house would have served.
A) take off B) take after
C) take in D) take on

46 He gives people the impression _______ all his life broad.
A) of having spent B) to have spent
C) of being spent D) to spend

47 A peculiarly pointed chin is his most memorable facial __________.
A) mark B) feature
C) trace D) appearance

48 I’d rather you _________ make any comment on the issue for the time being.
A) don’t B) wouldn’t
C) didn’t D) shouldn’t

49 All things _________, the planned trip will have to be called off.
A) considered B) be considered
C) considering D) having considered

50 John Dewey believed that education should be a preparation for life, that a person learns by doing, and that teaching must ________ the curiosity and creativity of children.
A) seek B) stimulate
C) shape D) secure

51 Criticism and self-criticism is necessary _______ it helps us to find and correct our mistakes.
A) by that B) at that
C) on that D) in that

52 However, at times this balance in nature is ___________, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects.
A) troubled B) disturbed
C) confused D) puzzled

53 If she doesn’t tell him the truth now, he’ll simply keep on asking her until she _______.
A) does B) has done
C) will do D) would do

54 The patient’s health failed to such an extent that he was put into __________ care.
A) tense B) rigid
C) intensive D) tight

55 Does everyone on earth have an equal right _________ an equal share of its resources?
A) by B) at
C) to D) over

56 Americans eat __________ as they actually need every day.
A) twice as much protein B) twice protein as much twice
C) twice protein as much D) protein as twice much

57 In 1914, an apparently insignificant event in a remote part of Eastern Europe __________ Europe into a great war.
A) inserted B) imposed
C) pitched D) plunged

58 The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things, ______ is often the case in other countries.
A) as B) what
C) so D) that

59 There are few electronic applications __________ to raise fears regarding future employment opportunities than robots.
A) likely B) more likely
C) most likely D) much likely

60 We had to ___________ a lot of noise when the children were at home.
A) go in for B) hold on to
C) put up with D) keep pace with

61 What he said just now had little to do with the question __________ discussion.
A) on B) in
C) under D) at

62 We need a chairman __________.
A) for whom everyone has confidence
B) in whom everyone has confidence
C) who everyone has confidence of
D) whom everyone has confidence on

63 Over a third of the population was estimated to have no _________ to the health service.
A) assessment B) assignment
C) exception D) access

64 Excuse me. If your call’s not too urgent, do you mind __________ mine first?
A) I make B) if I make
C) me to make D) that I make

65 Professor Taylor’s talk has indicated that science has a very strong ________ on the everyday life of non-scientists as

well as scientists.
A) motivation B) perspective
C) impression D) impact

66 After a few rounds of talks, both sides regarded the territory dispute ________.
A) being settled B) to be settled
C) had settled D) as settled

67 Floods cause billions of dollars worth of property damage _________.
A) relatively B) actually
C) annually D) comparatively

68 We are all for your proposal that the discussion __________.
A) be put off B) was put off
C) should put off D) is to put off

69 These goods are __________ for export, though a few of them may be sold on the home market.
A) essentially B) completely
C) necessarily D) remarkably

70 The course normally attracts 20 students per year, ________ up to half will be from overseas.
A) in which B) for whom
C) with which D) of whom