Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
41 A person’s calorie requirements vary ________ his life.
A) across B) throughout
C) over D) within

42 A survey was carried out on the death rate of new-born babies in that region, ________ were surprising.
A) as results B) which results
C) the results of it D) the results of which

43 Generous public funding of basic science would _________ considerable benefits for the country’s health, wealth and
A) lead to B) result from
C) lie in D) settle down

44 In a time of social reform, p
eople’s state of mind tends to keep ___________ with the rapid changes of society.
A) step B) progress
C) pace D) touch

45 __________ in an atmosphere of simple living was what her parents wished for.
A) The girl was educated B) The girl educated
C) The girl’s being educated D) The girl to be educated

46 __________ the calculation is right, scientists can never be sure that they have included all variables and modeled them accurately.
A) Even if B) As far as
C) If only D) So long as

47 My train arrives in New York at eight o’clock tonight. The plane I would like to take from there _________ by then.
A) would leave B) will have left
C) has left D) had left

48 The speech which he made __________ the project has bothered me greatly.
A) being concerned B) concerned
C) be concerned D) concerning

49 Harry was ________ by a bee when he was collecting the honey.
A) stung B) stuck
C) bitten D) scratched

50 The thief tried to open the locked door but _________.
A) in no way B) in vain
C) without effect D) at a loss

51 All flights _________ because of the snowstorm, many passengers could do nothing but take the train.
A) had been canceled B) have been canceled
C) were canceled D) having been canceled

52 __________ seeing the damage he had done, the child felt ashamed.
A) By B) On
C) At D) For

53 Remember that customers don’t ________ about prices in that city.
A) debate B) consult
C) dispute D) bargain

54 Research findings show we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we ___________ during the day.
A) should have done B) may have done
C) would have done D) must have done

55 I hope that you’ll be more careful in typing the letter. Don’t _________ anything.
A) lack B) withdraw
C) omit D) leak

56 This crop does not do well in soils ___________ the one for which it has been specially developed.
A) outside B) other than
C) beyond D) rather than

57 “You are very selfish. It’s high time you ________ that you are not the most important person in the world,” Edgar said to his boss angrily.
A) realized B) have realized
C) realized D) should realize

58 These two areas are similar _________ they both have a high rainfall during this season.
A) to that B) besides that
C) in that D) except that

59 The tomato juice left brown __________ on the front of my jacket.
A) spot B) point
C) track D) trace

60 If I hadn’t stood under the ladder to catch you when you fell, you ________ now.
A) wouldn’t be smiling B) couldn’t have smiled
C) won’t smile D) didn’t smile

61 The committee is totally opposed ________ any changes being made in the plans.
A) of B) on
C) to D) against

62 We’ll visit Europe next year _________ we have enough money.
A) lest B) until
C) unless D) provided

63 My father seemed to be in no __________ to look at my school report.
A) mood B) emotion
C) attitude D) feeling

64 When he realized the police had spotted him, the man ______ the exit as quickly as possible.
A) made off B) made for
C) made out D) made up

65 I was advised to arrange for insurance _________ I needed medical treatment.
A) nevertheless B) although
C) in case D) so that

66 Frankly speaking, I’d rather you __________ anything about it for the time being.
A) didn’t do B) haven’t done
C) don’t do D) have done

67 I’m sorry I can’t see you immediately; but if you’d like to take a seat, I’ll be with you _________.
A) for a moment B) in a moment
C) for the moment D) at the moment

68 The trumpet player was certainly loud. But I wasn’t bothered by his loudness _______ by his lack of talent.
A) than B) more than
C) as D) so much as

69 Our new house is very _________ for me as I can get to the office in five minutes.
A) adaptable B) comfortable
C) convenient D) available

70 Our journey was slow because the train stopped __________ at different villages.
A) unceasingly B) gradually
C) continuously D) continually