Part Ⅲ Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
41.He came back late, _______ which time all the guests had already left.
A) after B) by C) at D) during

42.I’m very sorry to have _______ you with so many questions on such an occasion.
A) interfered B) offended C) impressed D) bothered

43.If the whole operation _______ beforehand, a great deal of time and money would have been lost.
A) was not planned B) has not been planned
C) had not been planned D) were not planned

44.The price of beer _______ from 50 cents to $4 per liter during the summer season.
A) altered B) ranged C) separated D) differed

45.His remarks left me _______ about his real purpose.
A) wondered B) wonder C) to wonder D) wondering

46.I have heard both teachers and students _______ well of him.
A) to speak B) spoken C) to have spoken D) speak

47.Our son doesn’t know what to _______ at the university; he can’t make up his mind about his future.
A) take in B) take up C) take over D) take after

48.The house was very quiet, _______ as it was on the side of a mountain.
A) isolated B) isolating C) being isolated D) having been isolated

49.Although they plant trees in this area every year, the tops of some hills are still _______.
A) blank B) hollow C) vacant D) bare

50.Being a pop star can be quite a hard life, with a lot of travelling _______heavy schedules.
A) with regard to B) as to C) in relation to D) owint to

51.Tony is very disappointed _______ the results of the exam.
A) with B) for C) toward D) on

52.William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, _______ defended the right of every citizen to freedom of choice in religion.
A) peculiarly B) indifferently C) vigorously D) inevitably

53.I hope all the precautions against air pollution, _______ suggested by the local government, will be seriously considered

A) while B) since C) after D) as

54.When people become unemployed, it is _____ which is often worse than lack of wages.
A) laziness B) poverty C) idleness D) inability

55.I’ve never been to Beijing, but it’s the place _______.
A) where I’d like to visit B) in which I’d like to visit
C) I most want to visit D) that I want to visit it most

56._______ his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others.
A) Dislike B) Unlike C) Alike D) Liking

57.This crop has similar qualities to the previous one, _______ both wind?resistant and adapted to the same type of soil.
A) being B) been C) to be D) having been.

58._______ you are leaving tomorrow, we can eat dinner together tonight.
A) For B) Since C) Before D) While

59.Some people would like to do shopping on Sundays since they expect to pick up wonderful _______ in the marker.
A) batteries B) bargains C) baskets D) barrels

60.We have been told that under no circumstances _______ the telephone in the office for personal affairs.
A) may we use B) we may use C) we could use D) did we use

61.In previous times, when fresh meat was in short _______, pigeons were kept by many households as a source of food.
A) store B) provision C) reserve D) supply

62.As Commander?in?Chief of the armed forces, I have directed that all measures _______ for our defense.
A) had been taken B) would be taken C) be taken D) to be taken

63.A thief who broke into a church was caught because traces of wax, found on his clothes, _______ from the sort of candles

used only in churches.
A) had come B) coming C) come D) that came

64.After the guests left, she spent half an hour _______ the sitting?room.
A) ordering B) arranging C) tidying up D) clearing away

65.I was _______ the point of telephoning him when his letter arrived.
A) to B) on C) at D) in

66.In no country _______ Britain, it has been said, can one experience four seasons in the course of a single day.
A) other than B) more than C) better than D) rather than

67.A lorry _______ Jane’s cat and sped away.
A) ran over B) ran into C) ran through D) ran down

68.The project _______ by the end of 2000, wil expand&, nbsp;the city’s telephone network to cover 1,000,000 users.
A) accomplished B) being accomplished
C) to be accomplished D) having been accomplished

69._______ evidence that language?acquiring ability must be stimulated.
A) If being B) It is C) There is D) There being

70.Those gifts of rare books that were given to us were deeply _______.
A) appreciated B) approved C) appealed D) applied