Part II Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the One answer that best completes the sentence. then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
21. As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to _______it.
A) postpone B) refuse C) delay D) cancel

22. these books, which you can get at any bookshop, will give you _______ you need.
A) all the information
B) all the informations
C) all of information
D) all of the informations

23. Not until the game had begun_______ at the sports ground.
A) had he arrived B) would he have arrived
C) did he arrive D) should he have arrived

24. Young people are not _______ to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in.
A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous

25. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is _______.
A) granted B) implied C) exaggerated D) remedied

26. These surveys indicate that many crimes go _______ by the police, mainly because not all victims report them.
A) unrecorded B) to be unrecorded C) unrecording D) to have been unrecorded

27. I have no objection _______ your story again.
A) to hear B) to hearing C) to having heard D) to have heard

28. The clothes a person wears may express his _______ or social position.
A) curiosity B) status C) determination D) significance

29. By law, when one makes a large purchase, he should have _______ opportunity to change his mind.
A) accurate B) urgent C) excessive D) advertising

30. You will see this product _______ wherever you go.
A) to be advertised B) advertised C) advertise D) advertising

31. The early pioneers had to _______ many hardships to settle on the new land.
A) go along with B) go back on C) go through D) go into

32. The suggestion that the mayor _______ they prizes was accepted by everyone.
A) would present B) present C) presents D) ought to present

33. Beer is the most popular drink among male drinkers, _______ overall consumption is significantly higher than that of

A) whose B) which C) that D) what

34. Peter, who had been driving all day, suggested _______ at the next town.
A) to stop B) stopping C) stop D) having stopped

35. I didn’t know the word. I had to _______ a dictionary.
A) look out B) make out C) refer to D) go over

36. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds _______ his arguments in favour of the new theory.
A) to be based on B) to base on C) which to base on D) on which to base

37. There are signs _______ restaurants are becoming more popular with families.
A) that B) which C) in which D) whose

38. I think I was at school, _______ I was staying with a friend doring the vacation when I heard the news.
A) or else B) and then C) or so D) even so

39. It is said that the math teacher seems _______ towards bright students.
A) partial B) beneficial C) preferable D) liable

40. In order to show his boss what a careful worker he was, he took _______ trouble over the figures.
A) extensive B) spare C) extra D) supreme

41. --"May I speak to your manager Mr. Williams at five o’clock tonight?"
--"I’m sorry. M. Williams _______ to a conference long before then."
A) will have gone B) had gone C) would have gone D) has gone

42. You _______ him so closely; you should have kept your distance.
A) shouldn’t follow B) mustn’t follow
C) couldn’t have been following D) shouldn’t have been following

43. The growth of parta2time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, _______ more women to

take advantage of employment opportunities.
A) have allowed B) allow C) allowing D) allows

44. Everybody _______ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary.
A) assembled B) accumulated C) piled D) joined

45. Putting in a new window will _______ cutting away part of the roof.
A) include B) involve C) contain D) comprise

46. Living in the western part of the country has its problems, _______ obtaining fresh water is not the least.
A) with which B) for which C) of which D) which

47. In the _______ of the project not being a success, the investors stand to lose up to $30 million.
A) face B) time C) event D) course

48. The manager would rather his daughter _______ in the same office.
A) had not worked B) not to work C) does not work D) did not work

49. _______, he does get annoyed with her sometimes.
A) Although much he likes her B) Much although he likes her
C) As he likes her much D) Much as he likes her

50. The British constitution is _______ a large extent a product of the historical events described above.
A) within B) to C) by D) at