Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
Directions: There are 3.0. incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
41. You would be ______ a risk to let your child go to school by himself.
A) omitting B) attaching
C) affording D) running

42. He is always here; it’s ______ you’ve never met him.
A) unique B) strange
C) rare D) peculiar

43. There has been a great increase in retail sales, ______?
A) does there B) isn’t there
C) hasn’t there D) isn’t it

44. We’d like to ______ a table for five for dinner this evening.
A) preserve B) retain
C) reserve D) sustain

45 Although a teenager, Fred could resist ______ what to do and what not to do.
A) being told B) telling
C) to be told D) to tell

46. The European Union countries were once worried that they would not have ______ supplies of petroleum.
A) proficient B) efficient
C) potential D) sufficient

47. In fact, Peter would rather have left for San Francisco than ______ in New York.
A) to stay B) stayed
C) staying D) having stayed

48. He soon received promotion, for his superiors realized that he was a man of considerable
A) ability B) future
C) possibility D) opportunity

49. Britain ahs the highest ______ of road traffic in the world — over 60 cars for every mile of road.
A) popularity B) density
C) intensity D) prosperity

50. How is it ______ your roommate’s request and yours are identical?
A) if B) so
C) what D) that

51. In my opinion, he’s ______ the most imaginative of all the contemporary poets.
A) in all B) at best
C) for all D) by far

52. He didn’t have time to read the report word for word: he just ______ it.
A) skimmed B) observed
C) overlooked D) glanced

53. The leader of the expedition ______ everyone to follow his example.
A) promoted B) reinforced
C) sparked D) inspired

54. What a lovely party! It’s worth ______ all my life.
A) remembering B) to remember
C) to be remembered D) being remembered

55. Who would you rather ______ with you, George or me?
A) going B) to go
C) have gone D) went

56. The ______ goal of the book is to help bridge the gap between research and teaching, particularly between researchers and

A) intensive B) concise
C) joint D) overall

57. The owner and editor of the newspaper ______ the conference.
A) were attending B) were to attend
C) is to attend D) are to attend

58. We left the meeting, there obviously ______ no point in staying.
A) were B) being
C) to be D) having

59. Their products are frequently overpriced and ______ in quality.
A) influential B) inferior
C) superior D) subordinate

60. The neighborhood boys like to play basketball on that ______ lot.
A) valid B) vacant
C) vain D) vague

61. These people once had fame and fortune; now ______ is left to them is utter poverty.
A) all that B) all what
C) all which D) that all

62. To our ______, Geoffrey’s illness proved not to be as serious as we had feared.
A) anxiety B) relief
C) view D) judgment

63. Many people like white color as it is a ______ of purity.
A) symbol B) sign
C) signal D) symptom

64. The residents, ______ had been damaged by the fire, were given help by the Red Cross.
A) all of their homes B) all their homes
C) whose all homes D) all of whose homes

65. This research has attracted wide ______ coverage and has featured on BBC television’s Tomorrow’s World.
A) message B) information
C) media D) data

66. I would never have ______ a court of law if I hadn’t been so desperate.
A) sought for B) accounted for
C) turned up D) resorted to

67. Investigators agreed that passengers on the airliner ______ at the very moment of the crash.
A) should have died B) must be dying
C) must have died D) ought to die

68. The energy ______ by the chain reaction is transformed into heat.
A) transferred B) released
C) delivered D) conveyed

69. ______ their work will give us a much better feel for the wide differences between the two schools of thought.
A) To have reviewed B) Having reviewed
C) Reviewing D) Being reviewed

70. During the process, great care has to be taken to protect the ______ silk from damage.
A) sensitive B) tender
C) delicate D) sensible