Part Ⅲ Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences it: this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose cite ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the Corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.

41. The beam that is ________by a laser differs in several ways from the light that comes out of a flashlight.
A) emitted C ) motivated
B) transported D) translated

42. We booked rooms at the hotel ________we should find no vacancies on our arrival.
A) whenever C) since
B) if D) lest

43. Modern forms of transportation and communication have done much to ________the isolation of life in Alaska.
A) break through C) break into
B) break down D) break out

44. We know through painful experience that freedom is never by the oppressor; it must be ________by the oppressed.
A) demanded C) required
B) commanded D) requested

45. Color and sex are not relevant ________whether a person is suitable for the job.
A) on C) to
B) for D) with

46. ________the enormous flow of food from the entire globe, these countries have for many years not felt any population pressure.
A)Thanks to C) In line with
B) By means of D) With regard to

47. Kesearch universities have to keep up with the latest computer and scientific hardware ________price.
A) On account of C) in addition to
B) regardless of D) not to mention

48. Three university departments have been ________ $600,000 to develop good practice in teaching and learning.
A) promoted C) secured
B) included D) awarded

49. The rapid development of communications technology is transforming the ________in which people communicate across time and space.
A) mood C) manner
B) mission D) vision

50. Mr.Jones holds strong views against video games and ________the clsing of all recreation facilities for such games.
A) assists C) advocates
B) acknowledges D) admits

51. Workers in the fine arts ________thoughts and feelings through their creative works.
A) transmit C) convey
B) elaborate D) contribute

52. Small as it is, the ant is as much a creature as ________all other animals on earth.
A) are C) is
B) do D) have

53. The policeman declared that the blow on the victim's head ________from behind.
A) should have been made C) would have been made
B) must have been made D) ought to have been made

54. Finding a job can be ________and disappointing, and therefore it is important that you are prepared.
A) exploiting C) profiting
B) frustrating D) misleading

55. It British government often says that furnishing children with ________ to the information superhighway is a top priority.
A) procedure C) explore
B) protection D) acceis

56. Louis Herman, at the University of Hawall, has ________a serics of new experiments in which some animals have learned to understand sentences.
A) installed C) devised
B) equipped D) formatted

57. Researchers at the University of Illanois determined that the ________of a father can help improve a child’s grades.
A) involvement C) accociation
B) intetaction D) communcation

58.We can accept your order ________payment is made in advance.
A)in the bellef that C) on the excuse that
B) in order that D) on condition that

59.Many in the crodit industry expect that credit cards will eventually ________paper money for almost every purchase.
A) exchange C)ceplace
B) reduce D)trade

60.Any donation you can give will help us ________the suffering and isolation of the homeless this New Year.
A) lift C) comfort
B) patch D) ease

61. In India more than oce hundred languages are spoken, ________ which only fourteen are tecognized as official.
A) of C) with
B) in D) within

62. Techniques for ________sleep would involve learning to control both mind and body so that sleep can occur.
A) cultivating C) pushing
B) promocing D) streagthening

63. It is important to ________between the rules of grammar and the conventions of written language.
A) determine C)explore
B) identify D)distinguish

64. It is too early to say whether IBM’s competitors will be able to ________their products to the new hardware at an affordable cost.
A)adapt C) yield
B)stick D)adopt

65. This research has attracted wide coverage in the ________and has featured on BBC television’s Tomorrow’s World.
A) data C)message
B)source D)media

66.I had just posted the letter when I remembered that hadn’t ________the cheque.
A) imposed C)enclosed
B) involved D)contained

67.She had a tense expression on her face, ________she were expecting trouble.
A) even though C)even as
B) as though D) now that

68.They were ________admission to the military exhibition because they were foreigners.
A) denied C)deprived
B) declined D) rejected

69.It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name in ________.
A) prospect C) process
B) print D) press

70. Residents were cutting their lawns, washing their cars and otherwise ________a pleasant, sunny day.
A) idling away C) chasing away
B) taking away D) driving away