Part III Vocabulary(20 minutes)
Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
41. He asked us to _____ them in carrying through their plan.
A) provide C) assist
B) arouse D) persist

42. A good many proposals were raised by the delegates, _____ was to be expected.
A) that C) so
B) what D) as

43. He was such a _____ speaker that he held our attention every minute of the three-hour lecture.
A) specificC) heroic
B) dynamic D) diplomatic

44. Arriving home, the boy told his parents about all the _____ which occurred in his dormitory.
A) occasions C) incidents
B) matters D) issues

45. The opening between the rocks was very narrow, but the boys managed to _____ through.
A) press C) stretch
B) squeeze D) leap

46. They are trying to _____ the waste discharged by the factory for profit.
A) expose C) exhibit
B) exhaust D) exploit

47. The manager urged his staff not to _____ the splendid opportunity.
A) drop C) escape
B) miss D) slide

48. _____ I admire David as a poet, I do not like him as a man.
A) Much as C) If only
B) Only if D) As much

49. Because of a _____ engagement, Lora couldn't attend my birthday party last Saturday.
A) pioneer C) prior
B) prematureD) past

50. The continuous rain _____ the harvesting of the wheat crop by two weeks.
A) set back C) set out
B) set off D) set aside

51. Not having a good command of English can be a serious _____ preventing you from achieving your goals.
A) obstacle C) offense
B) fault D) distress

52. It's very _____ of you not to talk aloud while the baby is asleep.
A) concernedC) considerable
B) careful D) considerate

53. Many a player who had been highly thought of has _____ from the tennis scene.
A) disposed C) discouraged
B) disappearedD) discarded

54. She's fainted. Throw some water on her face and she'll _____.
A) come roundC) come on
B) come alongD) come out

55. All their attempts to _____ the child from the burning building were in vain.
A) regain C) rescue
B) recover D) reserve

56. Computer technology will _____ a revolution in business administration.
A) bring around C) bring out
B) bring about D) bring up

57. The university has launched a research center to develop new ways of _____ bacteria which have become resistant to drug

A) regulatingC) interrupting
B) halting D) combating

58. The _____ goal of the book is to help bridge the gap between research and teaching, particularly the gap between

researchers and teachers.
A) joint C) overall B) intensive D) decisive

59. The rapid development of communications technology is transforming the _____ in which people communicate across time and

A) route C) vision B) transmissionD) manner

60. When I go out in the evening I use the bike _____ the car if I can.
A) rather thanC) in spite of B) regardless ofD) other than

61. There is no _____ evidence that people can control their dreams, at least in experimental situations in a lab.
A) rigid C) smooth
B) solid D) harsh

62. Every culture has developed _____ for certain kinds of food and drink, and equally strong negative attitudes toward

A) preferencesC) fantasies
B) expectationsD) fashions

63. It is reported that Uruguay understands and _____ China on human rights issues.
A) grants C) abandons
B) changes D) backs

64. Only a few people have _____ to the full facts of the incident.
A) access C) contact
B) resort D) path

65. His trousers _____ when he tried to jump over the fence.
A) cracked C) broke
B) split D) burst

66. So far, _____ winds and currents have kept the thick patch of oil southeast of the Atlantic coast.
A) governingC) prevailing
B) blowing D) ruling

67. The author was required to submit an _____ of about 200 words together with his research paper.
A) edition C) article
B) editorial D) abstract

68. As the old empires were broken up and new states were formed, new official tongues began to _____ at an increasing rate.
A) bring up C) spring up
B) build up D) strike up

69. Many patients insist on having watches with them in hospital, _____ they have no schedules to keep.
A) even thoughC) as if
B) for D) since

70. Some plants are very _____ to light; they prefer the shade.
A) sensible C) objective
B) flexible D) sensitive