Part III Vocabulary (20 minutes)
Directions There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
31. I went along thinking of nothing ______, only looking at things around me.
A) in particular B) in harmony C) in doubt D) in brief

32. Critics believe that the control of television by mass advertising has ______ the quality of the programs.
A) lessened B) declined C) affected D) effected

33. I must congratulate you ______ the excellent design of the new bridge.
A) with B) of C) at D) on

34. There is a fully ______ health center on the ground floor of the main office building.
A) installed B) equipped C) provided D) projected

35. For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting educational programs that _____ from kindergartens to colleges.
A) move B) shift C) range D) spread

36. The ______ at the military academy is so rigid that students can hardly bear it.
A) convention B) confinement C) principle D) discipline

37. The test results are beyond______; they have been repeated in labs all over the world.
A) negotiation B) conflict C) bargain D) dispute

38. I was so ______in today’s history lesson. I didn’t understand a thing.
A) amazed B) neglected C) confused D) amused

39. It ______ you to at least 50% off the regular price of either frames or lenses when you buy both.
A) presents B) entitles C) credits D) tips

40. Deserts and high mountains have always been a ______ to the movement of people from place to place.
A) barrier B) fence C) prevention D) jam

41. In order to make things convenient for the people, the department is planning to set up some ______ shops in the

residential area.
A) flowing B) drifting C) mobile D) unstable

42. Mr. Smith says The media are very good at sensing a mood and then ______ it.
A) overtaking B) enlarging C) widening D) exaggerating

43. This is not an economical way to get more water; ______, it is very expensive.
A) on the other hand B) on the contrary C) in short D) or else

44. It was the first time that such a ______had to be taken at a British nuclear power station.
A) presentation B) precaution C) preparation D) prediction

45. ______ that he wasn’t happy with the arrangements, I tried to book a different hotel.
A) Perceiving B) Penetrating C) Puzzling D) Preserving

46. The board of the company has decided to ______ its operations to include all aspects of the clothing business.
A) multiply B) lengthen C) expand D) stretch

47. His business was very successful, but it was at the ______ of his family life.
A) consumption B) credit C) exhaustion D) expense

48. First published in 1927, the charts remain an ______ source for researchers.
A) identical B) indispensable C) intelligent D) inevitable

49. Joe is not good at sports, but when it______mathematics, he is the best in the class.
A) comes to B) comes up to C) comes on to D) comes around to

50. Doctors warned against chewing tobacco as a ______ for smoking.
A) relief B) revival C) substitute D) succession

51. When carbon is added to iron in proper ______the result is steel.
A) rates B) thicknesses C) proportions D) densities

52. You should try to ______ your ambition and be more realistic.
A) reserve B) restrain C) retain D) replace

53. Nancy is only a sort of ______ of her husband’s opinion and has no ideas of her own.
A) sample B) reproduction C) shadow D) echo

54. Now that spring is here, you can ______ these fur coats till you need them again next winter.
A) put over B) put away C) put off D) put down

55. There is a _____ of impatience in the tone of his voice.
A) hint B) notion C) dot D) phrase

56. Please ______dictionaries when you are not sure of word spelling or meaning.
A) seek B) inquire C) search D) consult

57. At yesterday’s party, Elizabeth’s boyfriend amused us by ______ Charlie Chaplin.
A) copying B) following C) imitating D) modeling

58. She keeps a supply of candles in the house in case of power ______.
A) failure B) lack C) absence D) drop

59. The group of technicians are engaged in a study which ______ all aspects of urban planning.
A) inserts B) grips C) performs D) embraces

60. The lecture which lasted about three hours was so ______ that the audience couldn’t help yawning.
A) tedious B) bored C) clumsy D) tired