Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
Directions: There are 3.0. incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.
A special feaure of education at MIT is the opportunity for students and faculty to______together in research activities.
A) involve
B) specialize
C) participate
D) consist

42.American college students are increasingly________with credit card debt and the consequences can be rather serious.
A) discharged
B) dominated
C) boosted
D) burdened

43.Some people argue that the death_________does not necessarily reduce the number of murders.
A) penalty
B) pattern
C) plot
D) practice

44. A study shows that students living in non-smoking dorms are less likely to _________the habit of smoking .
A) turn up
B) pick up
C) make up
D) draw up

45.The most successful post-career athletes are those who can take the identity and life skills they learned in sports and___________them to another area of life.
A) apply
B) utilize
C) employ
D) exert

46.Many personnel managerssay it is getting harder and harder to____________honest appolicants from the growing number of dishonest ones.
A) dissolve
B) disguise
C) discount
D) distnguish

47.Almost all job applicants are determined to leave a good___________on a postential employer.
A) illusion
B) impression
C) reflection
D) reputation

48.Being out of work,Jane can no longer________friends to dinners and morvies as she used to .
A) treat
B) appeal
C) urge
D) compel

49.Although they lost their jobs,savings and unemployment benefits allow the couple to _______their comfortable home.
A) look forward to
B) catch up with
C) hold on to
D) come in for

50.The findings paint a unique picture of the shopping habits of customers,plus their motivation and________.
A) possessions
B) possibilities
C) privileges
D) preferences

51.With the increasing unemployment rate ,workers who are 50 to 60 years old are usually the first to be _________.
A) laid aside
B) laid up
C) laid out
D) laid off

52.people's expectations about the future may have more influence on their sense of well-being than their_________state does.
A) primitive
B) mondern
C) current
D) initial

53.___________by the superstars on television,the young athletes trained hard and played intensely.
A) Imitated
B) Insured
C) Imposed
D) Inspired

54.The physical difference between men and women can be _______directly to our basic roles as hunters and child-bearers.
A) switched
B) traced
C) pursued
D) followed

55.Many women still feel that they are being ________by a male culture ,particularly in the pofessional services sector.
A) held out
B) held on
C) held forth
D) held back

56.The technological advances made it possible for the middle classes to enjoy what had once been _____only to the very rich.
A) manageable
B) acceptable
C) affordable
D) measurable

57.After working all day ,he was so tired that he was in no _______to go the party with us.
A) mood
B) emotion
C) sense
D) taste

58.It is clear that the dog has a much greather_____of its brain devoted to smell than is the case with humans.
A) composition
B) compound
C) proportion
D) percent

59.The is already clear _______to show that plants and animals are being affected by climate change.
A) witness
B) evidence
C) identuty
D) certification

60.Mnumerous studies already link the first meal of the day to better classroom_______.
A) function
B) behavior
C) performance
D) display

61.In the US,88percent of smokers had started before they were 18 .despite the fact that it is _________ to sell cigarettes to anyone under that age.
A) illegal
B) irrational
C) liberal
D) liable

62.Although many experts agree that more children are overweight,there is debate over the best way to_______the problem.
A) relate
B) file
C) attach
D) tackle

63.Sadly,as spending on private gardens has _______.spending on public parks has generally declined.
B) flowm
C) heightened
D) soared

64.It's good to know that quite a few popular English expressions actually________from the Bible.
A) acquire
B) derive
C) result
D) obtain

65.According to the key witnesses, a peculiarly big nose is the criminal's most memorable facial_________.
A) feature
B) signature
C) hint
D) spot

66.An important factor in determing how well you perform in an examination is the___________of you mind.
A) case
B) circumstance
C) state
D) situation


68.TOM,did it ever_________to you that you would be punished for cheating on exams?
A) strike
B) happen
C) occour
D) reflect

69.Lung cancer like some other cancers,often doesn't produce _________until it is too late and has spread beyound the chest to the brain ,liver or bones.
A) symbols
B) symptoms
C) trails
D) therapies

70.Research shows that there is no______relationship between how much a person earns and whether he feeel good about life.
A) successive
B) sincere
C) significant
D) subsequent