1, It displease my parents when Richard and I stay out late every night. My parents don ’ t approve_____. 
A. of me and Richard staying out late every night. 
B. of Richard and me staying out late every night. 
C. of Richard ’ s and my staying out late every night. 
D. when Richard and me stay out late every night. 

2. " As for their going along with us. " she said. "________ ". 
A. my husband and myself certainly have no objection. 
B. certainly my husband and I have no objection. 
C. either I or my husband certainly have no objection. 
D. either my husband or I certainly have no objection. 

3. " any thing wrong? "" there was no objection on the part of ________ present ". 
A. this. 
B. those. 
C. these. 
D. who. 

4. Although oriental ideas of woman ’ s subordination to man prevailed in those days. she_______ meet with men on an equal basis. 
A. did not dared. 
B. dared not 
C. dared not to. 
D. did dare not to. 

5. The stars (awaken) a certain reverence in man because. (though) always (present). they are beyond (your) reach. 

6. I had hoped( to have learned )French before my trip (to Paris). but I (did not have) any (extra money) for a course. 

7. " what is the difference? " " this furniture is different from______ ". 
A. that book. 
B. your. 
C. that one. 
D. that. 

8." we walked twenty miles today. "" I never guessed you could have walked _____ ". 
A. as. 
B. this. 
C. that. 
D. such. 

9." what did Jack do last year? ". " I heard ____ taught German. ". 
A. he. 
B. his. 
C. he is. 
D. him. 

10." did you see any foreigner present at the party? ". 
" he was the only foreigner ____ I saw at the party. ". 
A. whom. 
B. that . 
C. who. 
D. which.