26. By the time smith (graduates) from (dental school). he will be (twenty-six) (years of age). 

27. (standing in the driveway). the house (appeared to be ) much smaller than (it had seemed ) (to us as children) many years ago.

28. Kevin is (particularly) (fond of) cooking. and he (really) (cooks) delicious meals. 

29. I held an opinion that ( a honest man) who married and brought (up) a large family did more service than (he) who continued (single ) and only talked of the population. 

30. After (the church ) ( the men) stood together ( in the churchyard) (saying) he must be crazy. 

"do you need more water in the pan?" 
"no. it has ___________". 
A. already enough full. 
B. full already enough. 
C. already had enough. 
D. had already enough. 

32. This is ___________ such a thing. 
A. my first time of seeing. 
B. my first time to see. 
C. the first time I have ever seen. 
D. my first time I have ever seen. 

"after that. what happened to him?" 
" the chance to enter_____ come and he took it." 
A. to college. 
B. the college. 
C. for college. 
D. college. 

34. There has been (hardly no sign of ) agreement ( as yet)  (between ) the management and labor ( in their ) dispute over wages and working conditions. 

35. ________ lessons were not difficult. 
A. our first few short French. 
B. our few first short French. 
C. our few first French short. 
D. few our first French short. 

36. Bill said that he didn’t do _______ paper work. 
A. many. 
B. lots of . 
C. a great deal of . 
D. much. 

37. I waited there for thirty minutes; that seemed ________ hours to me. 
A. many. 
B. very much. 
C. as many. 
D. so many.