1) many, much都表示“许多”, many修饰可数名词复数, much修饰不可数名词。many, much构成的词组有:too many, too much; so much, so many; a great many(修饰可数名词复数)。


There are many peasants working in the field.Did you spend much time on your work? You have made so many mistakes that I even don't know how to correct them.As a student, one should read a great many books which are essential to enriching one's knowledge.

2) few, little, a few, a littlefew, a few修饰可数名词,little, a little修饰不可数名词。few, little具有否定意义,表示“几乎没有”,a few, a little具有肯定意义,表示“一些”。


He is a man of few words, which means he is a silent person.Hurry up, we've only got a little time left.The village is quite small. There are only a few houses in it.I know little about nature. * quite a few表示许多,修饰可数名词复数。

【例如】Quite a few students in my class like music, especially pop music.