It can be difficult to find ways of practising your English when you're not in an English speaking environment, but here are some ways that other listeners to English by Radio have told us about.

Firstly, contact English-speaking firms, information bureau and so on, and get their materi­als. Maybe you can get a chance to talk to someone about them. That way you can begin to use your language and learn more.

Secondly, listen to the BBC World Service in English. Certain English BBC Radio programmes can help you specifically to improve your knowledge of English.
Thirdly, find out if there is a British Council office or a British Institute near you. These or­ganizations , as well as language schools and universities, often run English clubs or social activi­ties. Join them. One of the best ways to learn a language is to use it. That way, you are always aware of the knowledge you need and you can work practically to obtain it.

26. Who suggested the different ways of practicing English in the talk?
27. How many ways of practicing English have been mentioned in the talk?
28. According to the speaker, what is the best way to learn a language?