Section B


Passage I


    The most relaxed spot in a library is usually the current periodical section, where students can be found sitting in comfortable chairs, reading magazines, or consulting movie schedules. In this area there are two kinds of periodicals: popular magazines and newspapers-such as those you can buy on newsstands-and scholarly or professional journals, which contain articles for specialists and most of which are available only by subscription. Back issues of periodicals are stored in bound volumes or on micro-film-sometimes in the periodical room and sometimes in the stacks.


Questions 11 to 14 are based on the passage you have just heard.


11. What cannot people do in the periodical section of a library?

12. What are the two kinds of periodicals?

13. According to the passage, which statement is not true?

14. Where can you find back issues of periodicals?


Passage II


    When I entered the room, one of them rose and walked round to shake hands with me. He introduced his colleagues and then indicated a chair, in which I seated myself. After asking me briefly about my place of birth and my RAF experience, they began to question me carefully on telecommunications. The questions were careful and deliberate, and all my nervousness disappeared. Now I was confident, at ease with a familiar subject. They questioned me thoroughly, but I was relaxed now. The years of study and work began to pay off, and I knew I was doing well. I was even enjoying it.


Questions 15 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.


15. What happened when the speaker went into the interview room?

16. Why did the speaker think that the interview went well?