Section A
M: Thank you so much for your notes for Mr. Hopkins’ literature class.
W: Finished already? Didn’t you borrow them just the day before yesterday?
Q: What does the woman imply?
M: When and where will the next conference be, Miss Evens?
W: Your next conference will be at 10:30 in the new conference hall, sir.
Q: What’s the probable relationship between the speakers?
W: How did you enjoy your journey?
M: Everything was fine, except for a clicking noise and the poor taste of the meals.
Q: How did the man travel?
W: Are there any other special requirements for your roommate?
M: Put down “non-smoking” please.
Q: What can we learn from the conversation?
M: Haven’t seen you for ages. Where have you been?
W: I’ve just returned from a journey to Hawaii visiting my grandparents there.
Q: What can we conclude from the conversation?
M: That’s not the dish I ordered, but I’m glad that I got it. It’s delicious.
W: As far as I am concerned, the waiter should still hear about it.
Q: What can we understand from the conversation?
W: How come you are lying here, boy?
M: I happened to have twisted my ankle.
Q: What happened to the man?
M: I heard that Star Wars Episode III would be on soon.
W: Oh, I love the actors and actresses in Episode II, and I do hope that I’ll see them again this time.
Q: What are the two speakers talking about?
W: Did see the weather forecast for this weekend? I can’t believe how the temperature’s going to dip.
M: I know. That isn’t my idea what October should be like.
Q: What does the man mean?
M: Welcome to our big sale after Christmas, and everything here is 50% off.
W: $29 for this sweater? That’s a real bargain there.
Q: What was the original cost of the sweater?