Passage Two


    In the high mountain country outside the city of Toluker, there stands a prison. This prison is quite different from other prisons in the world. The guards, except for two at the main gate, are not armed. There are many remarkable things about Toluker prison. For example, of the 15,000 individuals who have been in prison at Toluker, less than two percent have got into trouble again with the law. Men in the open prison are free to find work on the outside but must go back to prison each night. On Weekends they are allowed to go home. When most other prisons are still sending criminals back into society, Toluker is returning people who stand on their own feet and contribute to society. In 1974, a prisoner called Bob Crook moved to the open prison. A year later, he left Toluker for the last time. He was then nearly fourty six and had been in prison for fourteen years. He got a job as a construction worker in the city, remarried and was regarded as a useful person of his community. If you ask Bob why Toluker works, he would say "Because they believed in me when I was at my worst."


Questions 14 to 17 are based on the passage you have just heard.


14. Why is Toluker prison called an open prison?

15. What is the essential characteristic of Toluker prison?

16. How long did Bob Crook stay in the Toluker prison?

17. What is the speaker's attitude toward this type of prison?


14. A) The prison gates are always open.

      B) Its prisoner can work outside.

      C) The prison has no armed guards.

      D) The prison is open to the public.

15. A) The prisoners are provided with jobs on release.

      B) Its prisoners are seldom made to work overtime.

      C) It is run on the principle of trusting prisoners.

      D) It has no security measures.

16. A) One year.                              C) Thirteen years.

      B) Two years.                            D) Fourteen years.

17. A) Doubtful.                               C) Critical.

      B) Positive.                                 D) Indifferent.


    It is three o'clock in the afternoon now and I am sitting in the library and writing you this letter. It is (1) a very pleasant, warm summer day and I am looking out of the window at Washington Square Park. There are (2) lots of people in the park today. There are many mothers and children (3) in the playground. The children are playing games and (4) chasing each other. The mothers are standing or (5) sitting in groups and talking to each other. Some mothers (6) are running after their children. There are many old people in the park this afternoon too. (7) Some are reading newspapers and some are just resting on the benches. There are also a lot of university students in the park today. Some of the college boys and girls are (8) walking in the park and holding hands, There are lots of pretty girls in the park today also and I am very busy "Girl-watching". This is (9) one of my favorite pastimes. It is more interesting than doing homework. However, I must say "Good-bye" and (10) get back to my work.