M: Hello, this is John Hopkins at the Riverside Health Center. I'd like to speak to Mr. Jones.

W: I'm sorry, Mr. Hopkins, my husband isn't at home. But I can give you his office phone number. He won't be back until 6 o'clock.

Q: Where does Mrs. Jones think her husband is now?

M: Let me see. I have printed my family name, first name, date of birth, and address. Anything else?

W: No. that's all right. We'll fill in the rest of it if you'll just sign your name at the bottom.

Q: What has the man been doing?

W: I had to deal with so many courses last term that I really had a hard time.

M: I told you it would be better for you if you took fewer courses during the first semester.

Q: What do we learn about the woman?

W: Weren't you nervous when the professor called on you in class?

M: I'd say I was shaking all over.

Q: How did the man feel when he was called on?

W: Hey, Mike, what's that you're reading?

M: It's a letter from a company where I applied for a job. They're offering me a job after I graduate.

Q: What do we learn about Mike?

M: Think it over carefully, you must have left it somewhere.

W: But the problem is that I have to have it now. I need it to use my car, and when I get home, to open the door.

Q: What happened to the woman?

W: How much time did you have for writing the paper?

M: We were given three hours, but I finished in less than half the time.

Q: How long did it take the man to write his paper?

M: Let's see if the basketball game has started yet.

W. Started? It must be clear who is winning by now.

Q: What does the woman mean?

M: What do you think of my paper?

W: The ideas are good. If I were you, though, I'd rewrite the last two paragraphs to make it better.

Q: What's the woman's comment on the man's paper?

W: Excuse me, sir, but have you seen a young gentleman looking for his wrist watch?

M: A young man, Madam?

Q: What's the woman doing?


A) At home.                            
B) At the riverside.  
C) At the health center.                     
D) At his office.

A) Having an interview.   
B) Filling out a form.                  
C) Talking with his friend.
D) Asking for information.

A) She made a mistake by taking too few courses in the first term.

B) The courses she took were too difficult for her.

C) She took too many courses during her first term.

D) She found it difficult to deal with college courses.

A) Worried and frightened.        
B) Very relaxed.       
C) Quite unhappy.
D) Angry with the professor.

A) He enjoys reading letters.   
B) He has been job-hunting.               
C) He is offering the woman a job.
D) He is working for a company.

A) She lost her way.  
B) She lost her keys.                            
C) She lost her car.
D) She lost her handbag.

A) More than an hour and a half.        
B) Not more than half an hour.     
C) More than two hours.
D) Less than an hour and a half.

A) She is sure who is going to win.

B) Now it is a good time to start the game.

C) The game has been going on for a long time.

D) The same team always wins.

A) The ideas of the paper are not convincing.

B) Some parts of the paper are not well written.

C) The handwriting of the paper is not good.

D) The paper is not complete.

A) Looking for a young lady.

B) Looking for her wrist watch.

C) Looking for a young gentleman.

D) Looking for a man wearing a wrist watch.