Section  A Questions 36-40

  Read the text below about a special kind of competition.

  In most of the lines 36-40 there is one extra word which does not fit. One or two lines, however, are correct.

  If a line is correct, write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet.

  If there is an extra word in the line, write the extra word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet.

0 The international Youth Skills Olympics is a vocational skills competition in
0 C O R R E C T
00 which the young people demonstrate their achievements in a range of areas.
00 T H E

36 The competition, which there is held every two years, is organized by the international
37 Training Organisation. All U.K. competitors qualify for the team by getting through
38 a tough national competition.Their backgrounds are vary from arts to sciences,
39 and students to the self-employed. Since they do not know which skill area they
40 will be tested in, they must to train for everything before the start of the competition.

  Section B

  Questions 41-45

  Read the text below about market research.

  In each line 41-45 there is one wrong word.

  For each line 41-45,write the correct word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet.

0 Your business will only success if customers like your product
0 S U C C E E D
00 or service and are prepared to give you money in exchange about it
00 F O R

Market Research

41 Before you start a business, it is importance to undertake market research
42 and to assess the results with great care: you need to finding out about your
43 potential customers and the state of the market, included your competitors.
44 The more detailed your market research are, the more profitable your business
45 is likely to be. Carry out your study thorough, and repeat it to ensure your results
are reliable.