This part in each Listening Test paper contains three telephone conversations. There is a short incomplete form in the Question Paper for each telephone conversation. The incomplete form contains 4 spaces which you should fill in as you listen to the conversation.

    You should listen very carefully to each conversation, especially names, numbers, and simple facts. While you listen, look at the form and write the appropriate word or figure as soon as you hear it spoken. Don t waft until the end of the conversation before you start writing. This is a test of your
ability to identify words and short phrases rather than a test of your memory.

    Read the form to obtain or follow the gist of the telephone conversation as you hear ft. Frequently, the same or similar words and phrases will be used. Almost all the information you will hear is given in the same order as that appearing in the form in your question book.

    If you think you have missed a piece of information, don t worry. Above all, don t look back at the words and phrases in the form. Try to find the present place in the form as quickly as possible. Remember that you will hear the conversation again to enable you to check all the information. Sometimes you can glance ahead at a heading in the table. This approach will help you to recognise the word, number or phrase to write in the form when you hear ft in the telephone conversation.

    The conversations may include simple information for messages, notes and diaries as well as enquiries, requests, invitations, orders, complaints, plans, bookings, arrangements, and confirmation of requests and arrangements.

    In the following example, candidates hear a woman asking to speak to another woman who has left her office. She gives the man who answers the phone a message for the woman. Although there are three telephone conversations in Part One, only one is given here as an example. Note that the instructions have been slightly aftered here to take account of this.

    You hear.

    You will hear a telephone conversation. Write down one word or number in the numbered spaces on the form below.

    M: Happy World Import Company.

    F: Good afternoon. Could I speak to Mrs Chan, please?

    M: I m afraid she s already left the office today. This is Paul Smith, her assistant. Could I give her a message?

    F: This is Anna Shaw. S-H-A-W. This is about her planned business trip to Europe.

    M: I ll just make a note of that. Mrs Chan s trip to Europe.

    F: Yes, we ve just heard from our agents in Paris.

    M: You ve heard from your Paris agents. Got it. What s your number,please?

    F: 9 double7 31.

    M: 9 double7 31. What s the best time to call?

    F: Any time between 8.30 am and 12 noon.

    M: Good, I ll give Mrs Chan your message first thing tomorrow morning.

    F: Thank you. Goodbye.

    You read.

    You will hear a telephone conversation.
Write down one word or number in the numbered spaces on the form below.


    To: Mrs Chan

    (1) Anna………Shaw……… Re your business trip to-
    (2) ………Europe………Action required: Phone 
    (3) ………97731………any time between
    (4) ………8.30……… am and 12 noon