Questions 1-7

  Look at the sentences below and the job advertisements on the opposite page.

  Which job does each sentence 1-7 refer to?

  For each sentence, mark one letter (A, B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet.

  You will need to use some of these letters more than once.

  1 You will be responsible for the operation of a computer system.

  2 You must be able to forecast what people will want to wear.

  3 You will be able to work with people from many different countries and backgrounds.

  4 You will have a qualification which covers two subject areas.

  5 It is necessary to have worked in this sector before.

  6 You will need to keep in contact with the headquarters of the organization.

  7 The advertisement emphasises the need to have a suitable approach to important people.



  You will be responsible for our global business within specific countries and will have a good understanding of international distribution, possibly based on previous experience, plus the ability to work in markets that are highly varied in their culture. You will be fluent in a second language, be willing to travel extensively, and preferably have a degree.



  Based at our head office in London, you will select and order stock from our suppliers in Italy. You will need to predict fashion trends and build a strong relationship with our Italian office. You will have gained your buying experience in women’s fashion and will hold a degree in design with a business studies component.



  As head of the legal office, your work will include managing the office IT network, typing reports, diary maintenance and supervision of another staff member. You will need good organizational skills in order to keep ahead of a varied workload. You will be dealing with senior executives and government officials, so a mature and efficient manner is essential



  You will be responsible for budgetary planning, contract negotiations, local marketing and effective administration. You will communicate frequently with our main office using the latest technology. Your experience could be from any business sector but you should enjoy outdoor life and will ideally possess an estate management qualification.