ⅰ 、 Why take BEC exams?
  strong growth
  rigorous quality control
  wide suitability
  wide business context
  value for study and business career
  international recognition for work and study

  ⅱ 、 What is International Business English? 什么是国际商务英语?

  ⅲ 、 How to learn International Business English? 怎样学习国际商务英语?
  (1) 词汇方面
  e.g. The TV show was interrupted by too many commercials.
  e.g. He called on some prospects but failed to make a sale.
  e.g. These products are of Chinese make.
  The factory manufactured five makes of tractors.
  (2) 短语方面
  soft selling hard selling
  Some sales people adopt a direct ‘hard sell' approach, while others use a more indirect ‘soft sell' approach.
  have a bad year
  The corporation is having a bad year and it will probably be necessary to dismiss a few office staff.
  break into/penetrate the market
  There is chance that we'll manage to break into the UK market
  (3) 句型方面
  I am writing to you concerning… You can't miss it. I can't agree more. It may have slipped your mind, but… You can always reach me at the number… We would very much appreciate it if you could… I noted with interest your advertisement for… Yes, that's true, but on the other hand… That's exactly what I think. Maybe, but don't you think…? You are wanted on the phone. As requested, we enclose for your attention…
  (4) 旧词 “ 新义 “
  e.g, All credit cards honoured here. The bank honoured this cheque.
  e.g. I have got myself covered against fire.
  e.g. Besides copyright, the writer got a 10 percent royalty on sales. The technology transfer fee shall be paid in royalties.
  (5) 同义词、近义词、相似词的辨析。
  1) chairman, president, CEO, Managing Director, General Manager.
  2) dealer, merchant, trader, businessman, distributor.
  3) deputy, vice-, associate, assistant.
  4) discharge, unload, land
  5) discount, reduction, rebate, allowance.
  * 熟悉世界贸易组织。
  * 熟悉国际商务英语有关行业的基本术语及其内涵意义。
  * 学习国际商务常识,略知相关专业知识。
  * 密切了解国际商务最新动态。