Ⅱ Presentation Example
  PART 2: Mini-presentation
  Selecting applicants for a job
  ? Working experience
  ? Personal qualities
  Sample 1
  I choose topic A-what is important when selecting applicants for a job. As to this topic,
  as far as I am concerned, there are 3 things to consider.
  First, I think working experience is very important when selecting applicants. Applicants who have already had the work experience in the relevant fields will learn the new job easier and quicker. And it will also save the company a lot of training fees if the applicant has related experience.
  Second, we must consider the personal qualities of the applicants, such as personality and health. Companies tend to employ people whose character fits a special job. For example, consulting company tends to employ applicant who is analytical and knowledgeable, but advertising agents like their employees to be energetic and creative.
  Third, I believe language is of great importance when selecting applicants. Nowadays, we do business with people from all over the world. Always we buy goods from Africa, and sell our electronic product to Europe ; a foreign language especially English is needed if the company wants to expand to the world. Applicants who can speak one or more foreign languages will have a better chance to get the job.
  Sample 2
  As we all know, the criteria used by HR professionals in screening and selecting applicants normally include such factors as working experience, personal qualities and communicative skills.
  Firstly, we pay a lot of attention to working experience of the applicant. A person with a solid record of related experience is more likely to fit in with a new company. Therefore he or she can be trusted to fulfill the tasks and solve the problems in a more professional and competent way.
  In addition to this, we also look at the personal qualities of the applicant. Does he or she has integrity, perseverance or ‘can do' spirit? Surely any organization can benefit from the reliability, devotion and enthusiam of its employees.
  Finally, good communicative skills such as interpersonal skills and team spirit are also becoming an important precondition in selecting qualified employees.
  Preparing for a job interview
  ? Studying the job advertisement
  ? Finding out about the company
  Before you go for an interview, you must make preparations so as to face the interviewer with more confidence. They include studying the job advertisement, finding out about the company, preparing yourself psychologically, etc.
  Firstly, you should study the job advertisement carefully so that you can match your knowledge, skills and abilities with the specifications required for the post. You must assure the interviewer that you have all the qualifications required, so you are the right sort of person they are looking for.
  Secondly, you should know more about the company, such as its profile, structure, existing problems, requirements, campaigns and future plans. As a Chinese saying goes: “know the opponent and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without defeat.”
  Finally, you should also prepare yourself psychologically and this will help you combat stress. Rehearsing the interview with your friends, for example, is a good relaxation exercise that can install confidence in you.

  Ⅲ Presentation Discourse Management
  1. Opening Sentence
  Well, I'd like to make a short/brief/mini/one-minute presentation on the topic…
  2. Body (一般讲 2-3 个要点,根据语速和知识点调整)
  3. Closing Sentence
  Anyway, that's why I think so.
  Thank you very much.
  Thank you for taking your time.
  Thank you for listening.