What kind of job would you like to do most?


  What would your ideal job be?

  What kind of job do you like?

  Should companies offer training to staff?

  (Why? / Why not?)

  Do you think companies should provide training for staff?

  Would you like to work abroad?

  (Why? / Why not?)

  Is the opportunity to work in another country important to you?

  Job title

  Job responsibility

  Job satisfaction

  2 trainingàproductivityàprofitàmotivation

  But: trainingàcost money, time, staff

  opportunity cost

  internal conflict

  2 broaden one's horizon, experience

  2 …is quite an experience to me.

  2 …is a real eye-opener

  2 culture messenger

  Training Course

  What kind of training course have you ever taken?

  Have you ever taken any training course?

  What do you think is most important when you choose a training course? (Why?)

  What do you usually expect from a training course?

  NewOriental School BEC online training course

  Computer skill training course



  Duration of course


  Flexibility of trainer

  Topics covered


  Follow up advice

  High expectancy

  Life expectancy

  Possible Topics & Questions

  Suggested Answers and Note

  Future Plan

  What would you like to do after you finish your studies? (Why?)

  What are you doing now for the preparation of your future plan?

  What if you failed to find a job as a…?

  What would you do if you couldn't find a job as a…?

  2 go abroad, look for a job, hunt for a job, study further, post graduate

  2 knowledge preparation: attend training course

  2 psychological preparation: be mature