A: I had a look yesterday. I found some of the exhibits are fine in quality and beautiful in design. The exhibition has successfully displayed to me what your corporation handles. I've gone over the catalogue and the pamphlets enclosed in your last letter. I have got some idea of your exports. I'm interested in your silk blouse.

A: 我昨天看了一下,发现一些展品的质量不错,设计也漂亮。展会足以让我了解你们的产品。我已经看了你们上封信中夹寄的目录和说明书。我们公司对你们的产品有了一些了解。我对你们的丝绸女衫很感兴趣。

B:  Our silks are known for good quality. They are one of our traditional exports. Silk blouses are brightly coloured and beautifully designed. They're met with great favour overseas and are always in great demand.

B :我们的丝绸产品以质量好而文明,它们是我们传统的出口商品之一。丝绸女衫颜色明艳,图案漂亮,深受海外朋友喜欢,需求量一直很大。

A: Some of them to be of the latest style. Now I've a feeling that we can do a lot of trade in this line. We wish to establish business relations with you
A :其中有一些是最新款式。我感觉我们能在着方面做不少交易。我们想和贵方建立贸易关系

B: Your desire coincides with ours.

B :你们的愿望同我们一样。

A: Concerning our financial position, credit standing and trade reputation, you may refer to our bank, or to our local chamber of commerce or inquiry agencies.

A :关于我方的财政状况,信用情况和贸易声誉,您可以想我方开户银行,我们地方商会或者咨询机构垂询。

B: Thank you for your information. As you know, our corporation is a state-operated one. We always trade with foreign countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Establishing business relations between us will be to our mutual benefit. I have no doubt that it will bring about benefit between us.

B :谢谢您提供的信息。您知道,我们是个国有公司,我们一直和其他各国在平等互利的基础上开展贸易。双方建立业务关系是互利的,我相信这会给我们双方带来利益。

A: That sounds interesting, I'll send a fax home. As soon as I receive the definite answer, I'll give you a specific answer.

A :听起来不错。我会发一份传真回去。我一收到明确的指示就会给您具体的答复。

B: We'll then make an offer as soon as possible. I hope a lot of business will be put through between us.

B :那时我们会尽快报价。我希望我们能开展大量业务。

A: So do I.

A :我也希望如此。

B: I hope everything would be smooth.

B :希望一切进展水利。

A: That's what I want to say.

A :那正是我要说的。

B: I'll give you the lowest price in the future.

B :将来我们一定给你们最低的价格。

A: Thank you.

A :谢谢。