Part two

  Questions 13

  It's been a bad day for us today. The art market is extremely sensitive and I'm afraid I expected the picture to go for a lot more.

  Unfortunately it didn't reach its reserve price and so we are left with a very expensive picture which we have failed to sell. I'm afraid I have to take that sort of risk.

  Question 14

  Well, if you want my professional opinion my advice is that in order to avoid paying more tax than you need to you should ensure that your overseas representatives act as consultants to your company. It's better for you if they are not technically your employees. This is especially important as they only work for you on a part-time basis. Now it's quite a different matter if you are planning to open regional offices…

  Question 15

  Finally, thank you for coming here today at such short notice. I hope that by the end of today all staff will be aware of the implications of the takeover and I am relying on you, as my senior managers, to ensure that their concerns and queries are fully answered. It won't be possible to guarantee that their jobs are safe forever, but at least you will be able to reassure them that there will be no redundancies in the next 12 months. Now if you have any questions…

  Question 16

  I've got three deliveries in the London area and all of those are top priority. However, if you're willing to take a chance, there's a good possibility that I could do a pick-up from the airport early this afternoon.

  Question 17

  This report has to be on the Minister's desk by Monday morning. I‘ve had the researchers on it for a few weeks and it's looking pretty good. I don’t think the Government is going to have too much difficulty as the statistics speak for themselves. There is a clear drop in the unemployment figures, even taking into account seasonal factors.

  Section Two. Questions 18—22

  Question 18

  I've decided to circulate the report you produced on your visit to Pakistan to the senior management team. Before it goes out, can you make sure that those sales forecasts you pet in are as accurate as possible? I suggest you speak to Daniel in Marketing. He‘s pretty reliable.

  Question 19

  I want you to come to the committee meeting this afternoon. It′ s going to be quite a tricky one for me so I'll be needing you to made an accurate record of everything that goes on…… Of course I‘ll check it with you afterwards. I know how confusing ti can be when everyone seems to be speaking at once!

  Question 20

  Pam Jones from Human Resources has just called. She wants me to let Mr. Easton know that he can start next week. You know, the man who came for an interview last Friday. Trouble is I forgot to ask him what his telephone number is. Still, I suppose it world be better if I put it in writing, don't you think?

  Question 21

  I'm determined that we are going to get all these consultants′ names and details sorted. What I want you to do is to have a word with the IT department and get them to understand what it is we want and then to get them to recommend some specific software. After that you‘d better go on some sorts of training courses so that you'll be able to run it efficiently. Then we’ll be in a much better position to find the person we need quickly.

  Question 22

  I've just been in a meeting with some of the staff from finance and you wouldn‘t believe how disorganized it was. There was no agenda and someone had lost the minutes from the last meeting. Could you put something in writing for me to remind departmental managers that it is not acceptable to hold meetings without the appropriate preparation and follow-up?