In this chapter, you started working on a writing project: the letter to Mr Perry. As you worked on the letter, you reviewed the first two stages in the Writing Process: Plan and Organise.
You learned the strategies for drafting, ie the third stage in the Writing Process. When you draft, just keep writing and don't edit. You can always check it later.
When you finished drafting, you started the fourth stage: Revise. Revising your documents will ensure that you get results. However, it takes time to revise because you need to do it 5 times. You need to check each of the "5 Cs".
In this chapter, you focused on revising your document to make it complete (the first "C").
To check that your letter is complete, you need to check both the structure and content. You can use your plan and the outline to help you. You can also ask the "5W1H" questions.

Summary Exercise
There are two exercises in this section. In Exercise 1, you will review what you learned in this chapter. In Exercise 2, you will practise revising a letter for completeness.

To review how to draft and revise your documents, do the exercise below.
Each question has four possible answers. However, only one answer is correct. Click on the correct answer for each question.
1. When you draft,
A. only write, don't edit
B. write and edit
C. write and correct grammar
D. write and correct spelling

2. Make sure your document is
A. cohesive
B. clear
C. concise
D. complete

3. Check that your paragraphs are
A. complete
B. clear
C. cohesive
D. concise

4. Make sure that your sentences are
A. complete and cohesive
B. concise
C. clear, concise and courteous
D. complete, cohesive and clear

Answers: ADCC

In this exercise you'll practise revising a letter to make it complete. To do this exercise, you'll need the letter which you drafted to Mr Perry earlier in this chapter.
To make sure your letter is complete, you need to check both the structure and the content.

To check the structure, you need to identify the five parts of a letter (S, O, F, A, R) in your draft.
If you can't identify all five parts in your draft to Mr Perry, you need to revise the letter to make it complete.

To check the content of your draft, you need to identify the basic parts of your plan. You can do this by using a highlight pen to highlight the following:
writer's purpose
reader's response
reader's information.
If you can't identify the three basic parts of your plan in your draft, you need to revise the letter.
When you finish revising Mr Perry's letter for completeness, keep both the "First Draft" and the latest revised draft. You will need them in Chapters 4-6 and 8.
Well done!
You've now completed Chapter 3!
In this chapter you looked at stages 3 and 4 in the Writing Process:
So now you can draft and revise a letter by using three important strategies.

You can make sure your document is complete by
1) checking the structure of your draft as you identify the five parts of a letter (S-O-F-A-R)
2) checking the content of your draft as you identify the basic parts of your writing plan (writer's purpose, reader's response, reader's information)
3) checking the specific information in your draft as you answer the 5W1H questions.
In the next chapter, you'll continue learning how to revise. In Chapter 4, you learn how to revise for cohesiveness.
See you there!