arbitration n. ①仲裁,公断 ②鉴定,检验
短语refer to arbitration 交付公断submit to arbitration交付公断commercial arbitration 商务仲裁obligatory arbitration 强制仲裁price arbitration 公断价格,议价quality arbitration 质量检(商)定
The issue has been taken to arbitration.争议已提交仲裁。They decided to settle the dispute by arbitration.他们决定通过仲裁来解决争议。The management refused to agree to arbitration.管理层拒绝诉诸仲裁。
arrears n. 欠款 逾期债款
短语arrears of interest 积欠利息in arrears 欠债;欠人的,拖欠的an account in arrears 拖欠债款的账户
I’m in arrears with the rent.我拖欠租金。
asking price 索价,要价
I managed to get the full asking price of $2,000 for my car.我已成功地以开出的全价2000美元把汽车卖出。We shall always negotiate never pay the full asking price.我们每次都讨价还价,从来不照付全价。
assemble v. ①集合,聚集 ②装配
短语assemble a machine 装配机器assemble date 汇集数据assembly-line 装配线,流水工作线
The staff assembled in hall.员工们在礼堂集合。
assess n. 评定,估价
短语assess tax on somebody’s property 对某人的财产征税assess somebody’s efforts 评价某人的工作
The annual income of staff in this price was assessed at $900.这地方的员工的年收入为900美元。Damaged were assessed at 1000 RMB.损失估计达1000元人民币。