appropriate v. 拨出(款项)
短语appropriate funds for education 拨款作教育基金appropriate for 拨出(款项、房屋等)供……之用
Five thousand dollars has been appropriated for the investment.已拨款5000元作为投资费用。
approve v. ①赞成 ②满意 ③批准,通过
The resolution was approved 82 to 16 with 18 abstentions.决议以82票对16票通过,18票弃权。The managing director has approved the sales budget for next year.总裁已批准明年的销售预算。
approval n. ①正式批准 ②官方认可
短语on approval (货物)供试用;包退包换
Do the plans meet with your approval?你赞同这些方案吗?On approval goods must be returned within 14 days if they are not satisfactory.如果不满意,试用货物须在14天内退回。
aptitude n. 天资,才能
短语aptitude test 能力倾向测试(用于测试某人最适合什么样的工作)
She has an aptitude for figures.她有数字方面的天赋。Most school-leavers should take an aptitude test.大多数中学毕业生都应参加能力倾向测试。
arbitrage n. 套汇,套利交易
短语arbitrage of exchange 商品套利,套购商品stock arbitrage 套购证券
The difference in prices between the two markets was reduced by arbitrage.套利活动使两个市场间的差价缩小。