awareness n. ①意识 ②认识程度
短语have the awareness of 了解consumer awareness 消费意识currency awareness 对币值变化的注意current awareness 最近资料通告
The advertising campaign has been planned to raise awareness of the product amongst the public.此广告促销计划的目的在于提高产品的知名度。
backing n. 财务支持,赞助
短语backing off 卸(退)下have the full backing of 得到……的充分支持financial backing 财政援助to have a large backing 有大批的支持者
The plan for a new hospital has plenty of government backing.新建医院的计划得到政府的大量援助。The new business received government backing in the form of a grant.这家新企业得到以补助方式发给的政府资助。
backhander n. ①回扣 ②贿赂
Investigators estimate that $35m had been spent on bribes and backhanders.调查人员估计,3500万美元被用于贿赂和回扣。
backlog n. 积压(的工作或订货)
短语to become a backlog 成为积压to acquire (something) as a backlog 获得(某物)作为储备物
There is a backlog of orders waiting to be processed.大批积压订单等待处理。Extra staff were employed to clear the backlog.雇佣额外人手清理积压的工作。
bad adj. ①无效的 ②无用的,作废的 ③亏损的
短语bad debt 死账(无法收回的欠款),坏账in bad faith 不诚实;存心欺骗passes bad checks 开空头支票have a bad name 名声不佳(=get a bad name)go to the bad 堕落;亏损
The department store was $300,000 to the bad in 1997.那家百货公司在1997年亏损了30万美元。The bank wrote off one million pounds in bad debts.银行注销100万英镑坏账。Each dealer accused the other of bad faith.交易商相互指责对方欺诈。It was found that the goods had been sold in bad faith.这批货物被发现已在存心欺骗的情况下售出。