bargain v. ①谈判 ②讨价还价n. ①契约,合同 ②便宜货
短语bargain on 期望;信赖a bad bargain 吃亏的生意a good bargain 赚钱的生意;便宜货wet bargain 双方喝酒成交的生意close/seal a bargain 成交;达成协议drive a hard bargain over something (在某事上)极力讨价还价;坚持苛刻的条件have the best of the bargain 获得最大的好处into the bargain 外加;另外;而且(在议定的条件外再加上)
The union bargained for better pay and working conditions.工会为争取较好的工资待遇和工作条件而谈判。If you bargain with them they might reduce the price.如果你讲讲价,他们可能会把价钱降低。At that low price the house is a bargain.按那样低的价钱出售,这房子是便宜的。A bargain is a bargain.【谚】买卖一言为定;达成的协议不可撕毁。
base n. 基地,根据地v. 设立形成……的基础,提供……的基础
 That company has offices all over the world, but their base is in Paris.这个公司的办事处遍布全世界,但本部在巴黎。He based the new company in Portland.他在波特兰设立公司。Advertisements based on these facts have been printed in newspapers and magazines but have not helped much.根据这些情况拟定的广告词登载在报纸和杂志上,但是效果不大。
 相关base-minded adj. 品质恶劣的
batch n. 一批,一组,一群
短语a batch of orders 大量订单batch production 批量生产production batch 生产批次batch-wise adj. 分批的;不连续的
This is the first batch of letters to be answered.这是第一批待复的信件。This is the batch of watches that all have the same fault.这就是那批有同样毛病的手表。
bear market 熊市
beat v. ①超过,胜过 ②榨取
短语beat down 压低价钱;杀价be dead beat 精疲力竭beat over 调查;追究beat somebody hollow 大大超过某人;把某人打得一败涂地
I beat him down to a lower price.我迫使他把价格降低。He beat me out of 20 dollars with his latest scheme.他用新招骗取了我20块钱。