[Directions]:A ship accident took place in Chang Jiang.Please unite a research report to tell:
  1)the cause of the accident
  2)the results
  3)the response of authority

  To:Li Ming
  From:Liu Hua
  Subject:Ship Accident off West Coast of Chang Jiang,No Casualties.

  Yesterday evening two boats collided in thick fog in Chang Jiang not far from Wu Han.One was a cargo ship carrying lumber,apparently on its way to Chang Jiang.The other was a National ferry on its regular run from Jiu Jiang to Wu Han.

  However,because of the weather conditions,the captains did not realize the danger until a few seconds before the collision took place.Consequently,there was no time for them to prevent the accident.

  Fortunately,there were no casualties among the crews or passengers,but both ships suffered badly damages.

  A spokesman for the port authorities said that a committee would be set up to determine the cause of the collision.