[Direction]:Take a report by the academic department of an association.Follows should be pay attention to:
  1)the immediate schemes
  2)detailed information such as dates,related persons and numbers
  From:Anny lee, Head ,Academic Department
  To:Mr Ng sik-hung,Chairman Shang Hai Evergreen Association
  Date:2 April 2002

  Ⅰ.Shang Hai Secondary School
  1.The number of students for the month is:Form 1:329,Form 2:300,Form 3:500,Form 4:238,Form 5:234
  2.The week starting from 17 March 2002 was scheduled as a “week”。
  3.Mental consult was scheduled to be March offered 2002 in the School Hospital within the period 29 to 1 May 2002.The persons in charge of the program would be staff of the Mental Health Society.
  Ⅱ.Academic exchange
  1.As one of the initiators,the Association has agreed to host the seminar“The fostering of talented personnel in Mainland China”,to be held on 3 May 2002 in Shang Hai.
  2.The Chairman has agreed to give a talk on behalf of the Association in a seminar on the exchange of talented personnel within South East Asia,which is scheduled to be held on 1 July 1997 in Tokyo.