Unit 16
Comparison of adjectives
1. Listening
The Sales Manager of Brotherton Plc is talking about the company’s main competitors. As you listen, complete the table below. Rank in order1-4.
Listening task
Let’s look at the competition. Now, our main competitor-Benton-entered the market in 1982-ten years later than us. But since then they have grown more rapidly and are now the biggest in terms of market share. Why? Mainly because of their product development. Their products are better, sold at lower prices and presented more attractively. At the moment their main weakness is that they have the lowest profitability.
Now, our second major competitor is Zecron, they entered the market at the same time as us. They have a lower market share than us and their products are sold at slightly higher prices. However, their annual return shows greater profitability and much heavier investment in plant and machinery over the last two years. So they are in a good position to overtake us soon.
The last competitor is Mansell. They have been in the market slightly longer than us and Zecron. They have a much smaller market share, but their products are sold at the top end of the market at much higher prices. As a result they achieve the best profitability of the four companies with much lower turnover.
So, what can we say about our own position? Well, our products are medium-price but less attractive than Benton’s. we’re getting a problem with reliability. Certainly Benton’s range has a reputation for being much more reliable. Our market share is higher than Zecron and Mansell, but they are more profitable than us. So, we must become more competitive during the next two years if we are to hold on tour market share and increase profitability.
2. Presentation
In this extract you heard a variety of comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.
2.1 Forming comparative and superlative adjectives
2.1.1 Adjectives with one syllable
long-longer-the longest
big-bigger-the biggest
low-lower-the lowest
high-higher-the highest
late-later-the latest
2.1.2 Two-syllable adjectives ending in y
heavy-heavier-the heaviest
early-earlier-the earliest
Adjectives with two or more syllables
reliable-more reliable-the most reliable
expensive-more expensive-the most expensive
profitable-more profitable-the most profitable
2.2 Modifying comparative adjectives
We can also modify the strength of the comparative adjective.
# If we want to make it stronger, we can use much..
e.g. a much smaller market share
much more reliable
# If we want to make it weaker, we can use slightly.
e.g. slightly higher prices
slightly longer
3. Controlled practice
Use the table in the Listening section and the language in the Presentation section to complete these sentences.
1. Mansell have been in the market_________ _________.
2. Brotherton entered the market _________ than Benton.
3. Benton entered the market ten years ________ than Brotherton.
4. Benton have ____________ ____________ market share.
5. Mansell have a much ___________ market share than Brotherton.
6. Benton’s products are sold at _______ ________ prices.
7. Mansell’s products are sold at _______________ ____________ prices than Brotherton’s.
8. Zecron’s products are __________ _________ _________ than Brotherton’s.
9. Mansell is _________ _________ profitable company.
10. Brotherton is ________ _______ than Benton.
* in terms of 在……方面
e.g. Benton Co. is the biggest in terms of market share.
In terms of the numbers in employment hotel industry is the largest in this city.
* present 呈现,介绍,引见,提交[注意:得音在第二个音节上。Present 还可用做名词,此时是“礼物”的意思,重音在第一个音节上。]
e.g. Their products are presented more attractively.
We shall present a complete report to the board of directors.
* weakness 弱点
e.g. At the moment their main weakness is that they have the lowest profitability.