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TO: ALL Section Heads
There are eight vacancies on training courses being given in Mary and June. The courses provide useful training for junior staff in computers, time management and other aspects of modem office work.. could you kindly recommend suitable staff?(42words) 来源:考
Dear Ms Wu
With reference to our company’s exhibition and presentations at the world Trade Center on June 7, I wish to inform you of certain changes which we hope can be made. As the number of participants has increased from 60 to 98, we wonder if we can use Lecture Hall’A’ as ‘B’ will be too small. In addition, since two speakers are now unable to attend, we shall require only 2 Seminar Rooms instead of the 4booked. Finally, is it possible to provide 7.45 pm? I do hope these changes will not inconvenience you.来源:考
Thank you very much.(116words)