Lesson Eight 工作面试 (Job interview)

  About education
  What is your education background?
  I graduated from Peking University.
  I attended New Oriental School for its spoken English courses in 2003.
  I’m a law/accounting/mathematic major.
  I minored in finance/computer science.
  I have a BA/BS/BBA/MBA/MS/MA/PHD degree in Chinese literature/Computer science/finance.
  I received my BA degree from Tianjin University in 1999.
  I finished primary school in 1990, and went to middle school that September. I graduated from high school in July 1996, after which I entered Shanghai University of Foreign Studies.

  About honor, award and activities
  I won the university scholarship for three academic years.
  I won second prize in the English Speech Contest of our university in 2001.
  I’ve received the honor of the most outstanding student in 2000.
  I served in the schools basketball team/as monitor for class.

  About Experience
  Have you got any experience in management?
  I’m afraid not. I’ve jut graduated from college. Though I have no experience in this field, I’m willing to learn.
  I worked as an interpreter in a foreign trade company for 3 years.
  I’m currently with a state-owned enterprise.
  I’m an administrative assistant with a joint venture company.
  I’m in charge of the personnel department.

  Reasons for quitting and application
  I quit due to the expiry of my employment contract.
  My job is not in line with my area of study.
  I didn’t like the working environment there and there was little opportunity for advancement.
  I’d like to work in a company that gives me more room for personal growth.
  I’d like a career that’s more dynamic and challenging.
  I’d love have an opportunity to further develop my abilities.
  Yours is a famous company with excellent management. If I have an opportunity to work in such a company, I believe I’ll be able to fully develop my abilities and obtain wider experience, and at the same time, make valuable contributions to the company.
  Yours is a multi-national corporation mainly engaged in manufacturing electronic products, with its headquarters in the USA. You entered China’s market 5 years ago and your products made in China are enjoying good market shares both at home and abroad.

  About qualification
  I was specially trained for this kind of job.
  For the past four years, I’ve been working as office director for a joint-venture.
  I’ve had many years of experience in customer service.
  I have the educational background and relevant experience required for the job.
  Since my past work experience is closely related to this job. I’m confident I can do this job well.
  I know a lot about how north China’s market works and how business is done there.
  Besides Mandarin, my mother tongue, I can also speak English, Japanese and Cantonese.
  I have been holding a driver’s license since 1999.
  I’ve got a certificate of CET band 6.
  I’m energetic and decisive. I always manage to have things done on time.
  I maybe kind of shy around people. But I’m working on it by creating myself more opportunities to social.