Lesson Ten 商业会议(At the Meeting)

  Starting a meeting
  Shall we get started?
  Now that everyone is here, let’s get down to business.
  We are going to discuss three problems this morning.

  Proceeding to the next item
  Shall we move on to the next item on the agenda?
  Let’s turn to the second problem.
  How about proceeding to the next question?

  Guiding people in the discussion
  First, I’d like Mr. Hunter to briefly introduce the situation.
  Could you elaborate on that?
  Miss Brown, can we have your report now?
  Would you take the minutes of the meeting, Miss Jones?
  Would you wind up? We’re running out of time.
  Whose turn is it next?

  Coming back to the main point
  I think we are getting side-tracked.
  Shall we get back to the main point?
  I’m afraid we’re getting a bit off the point.
  I see your point, but could we please stick to the main problem here?

  Checking agreement
  Are we all agreed?
  Do I have your support on this?
  Are we all for this plan?
  Are we all in favor of this decision?
  Has anyone got any objection to this proposal?
  Do we all agree on this?
  Those in favor/against, please put up your hand.

  Declaring results
  Meeting’s adjourned.
  Let me take a minute to sum up the main points of this discussion.
  If nobody wants to add anything, we can draw the meeting to a close.
  That’s about all.

  Giving an opinion and introducing ideas
  I think…
  In my opinion, …
  As far as I’m concerned,…
  As I see it,…
  Wouldn’t it be possible to…
  Could I make an additional recommendation?
  I’d like to make one more point.

  Agree with an opinion
  Yes, I quite agree.
  I entirely agree with you.
  That’s exactly what I have in mind. I’m all for this plan.
  I’m in favor of this proposal.
  I can’t agree more.
  You’re absolutely right.

  Half-agreeing with an opinion
  Yes, I agree up to a point, but…
  Yes, in a way, but…
  Yes, I partially agree, but…
  I suppose so, but…
  Well, you’ve got a point there.
  There’s something in that, I suppose.

  Disagreeing politely
  I’m having a second thought on that.
  Well, I don’t know.
  Well, I think it depends.
  Well, I’m not sure about that.
  Do you think so?
  Are you sure about that?

  Disagreeing strongly
  No, I disagree.
  No, I don’t agree with you at all.
  No, I wouldn’t accept that for one minute.