(1) As an American manager of a Sino-American joint venture for two years, I have to say that there are differences in business management between Chinese and Americans. //We are more direct and straightforward than most Chinese colleagues due to our different cultural traditions. //I can’t say our way of doing business is absolutely superior. Arter all, there are strong points and weak points in both types of management. //In recent years, more and more American business executives have recognized the strong points of the more humane way of Chinese management.
(2)今晚,我们很高兴在北京大学再次接待我们的老朋友格林博士和夫人。//我代表学校的全体师生员工向格林博士和夫人及其他新西兰贵宾表示热烈的欢迎。//我相信格林博士这次对我校的访问,必将为进一步加强两校的友好合作关系作出重要的贡献。//明天,贵宾们将要赴南京和上海访问,我预祝大家一路旅途愉快。今eve we J 北大  再接  老朋  Dr Green&Mrs //  I  代  全staff →Dr.&Mrs. G & 其 NZ 宾: wel // I Bel Gr 我sch 访  友合  重贡// tom 宾  go 南 & 上 I wish nice trip//




A military band serenaded the President and Mrs. Bush moments after Air force One touched down Wednesday night at a military base outside Londeon.Mr. Bush headed for the home of the US Ambassador to Britain for some sleep before a long day of ceremony and substance.There will be a luncheon meeting with Queen Elizabeth and a bit of sightseeing in London, before Mr. Bush leaves the confines of the city to meet with Tony Blair.A spokesman for the prime Minister says their discussions will touch on two issues that have divided America and its European allies: Mr. Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto agreement on global warming and his plan to develop a missile defense system.These are issues that are also expected to come to the fore later in the week when President Bush takes part in a summit of the world’s leading industrialized nations, plus Russia. The item at the top of the official agenda for the meeting in Genoa, ltaly is the search for ways to help promote development in the world’s poorest countries.